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4 January 2022

Best Way To Start Learning Data Analytics

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Sectors such as health, travel, and hospitality have recently taken a keen interest in data analytics (DA). Data collected by such sectors are used to draw conclusions and make crucial decisions. Being a data analyst does not require a four-year stay in a university. 

What is Data Analytics

A lot of raw data cannot be consumed by human beings; they require the help of algorithms that can make sense of them. Data Analytics are responsible for coming up with the algorithms. For example, health records can undergo data analytics procedures to improve the services offered at the hospital. For the shopping industry, it is a powerful tool that reveals metrics and trends associated with customers. This mass of information assists shop owners to improve their customers' experience when shopping.

For manufacturing companies to work at peak capacity, data collected from the runtime, downtime, and work queues of machines are analysed. Information collected from the data is then used to increase the company's efficiency. The data analyst points out parts that are slow during production. The gaming industry also requires data analytics to make reward schedules for active players.

Data is crucial for content creators; it helps understand their audience. The data can help creators re-organize their content so as to retain or increase their followers on the social media.

Data analytics is a science that will assist you in making conclusions about any information. Choosing to work as a data analyst, you will develop systems that you will also have to deploy to improve work flow in a company. You will be responsible for the tools used collect, extract, and categorize data so that it is analysed more efficiently.

Ways to Start Learning Data Analysis Skills

Professional data analysts handle data in different ways, but ordinarily, a data analyst has some must-have skills. They include:

  • R or Python statistical programming

  • Data visualization

  • Machine learning

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

For now, the terms named above are daunting, and it’s wise to start everything from scratch. Data Analytics is a rich subject that involves everything from information perception to information control. First, start mastering common skills such as Python, SQL, MS Excel, and machine learning. But you remember there is no ideal approach to start with; it all comes down to your studying style. A lot of learning material to choose from are provided when you sign-up for the Data Analytics course at Ironhack.

Having some business abilities like relational abilities, logical critical thinking, and imaginative reasoning are mandatory for a data analyst. These business gifts are essential; you will often find yourself applying them when concluding your data analysis

Without the required information, your work as a data analyst is absolute. Gather the starting information, depict it, and look at its quality to ensure it has the information you want. Your data source should be well defined having relevant to your investigation. Your source could be the government or non-profits; they usually have published data.

After getting the data, try to perform data modelling and evaluation on it. It assesses different connections between different points on the data. You must focus on your objective to come up with a suitable model. In the beginning, it won't be easy getting the correct technique, but with time, after studying and experimenting, you will be a guru. At this point, you will discover a lot about your data, and you will be able to generate the last report on it.

Why You Should Study Data Analysis Skills?

You may still wonder whether taking an analytic data course is worth it. For starters, an anticipated growth for data specialists is expected. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, data analysts’ positions will increase by 20% by 2028. That is a lot of vacant positions, and taking a course on data analytic will at least guarantee you a piece of the pie.

Companies require data analysts because they lean on the information collected from their customers to make decisions. These decisions are used to increase the company’s sales. After collecting and analyzing the information, data analysts often have a presentation in a board room to explain their findings.

Money is always the biggest motivator for a career change, and picking an analytic data job will not disappoint you. PayScale, a survey company, reports that an entry-level data analysis job can earn you a salary of between $50,000-80,0000 annually. But after some experience in the field, you will be able to earn up to $110,000 annually. These figures may change depending on the company; still, be assured you will not be underpaid.

Find a course for you

If you are keen on taking a Data Analytics course to join the rush of information assortment visit the Ironhack website. You will get everything you need to start studying data analysis. You can choose to take a full-time or part-time course. The platform also offers online or in-person interactions studying on one of their campuses. After finalizing your course, you can work as a junior data analyst, but it depends on your previous work experience.

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