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2 September 2023 - 6 minutes

Elevate Your Career with Tech Bootcamps: Success Stories and Pathways

Meet some of Ironhack’s alumni and how they’ve reached success

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer


If you’re here, you probably understand why tech bootcamps are such great choices for those looking to switch careers and transform their lives. Gone are the days where university degrees and years and years of experience are needed; tech is advancing at a dizzying pace and employers need skilled and driven employees to keep up with market needs. 

And that’s exactly where bootcamps come into play: they’re intensive, focused, and help prepare you for the realities of working in tech through detailed career assistance. We could keep going and tell you all the reasons (and there are a lot!) why bootcamps are great options, but instead, we’ll let you hear from those who have experienced it themselves: our amazing Ironhack alumni.

Ironhack Alumni Experience 

Our Ironhackers enter the bootcamp with one goal in mind: learning what they need to know about their chosen tech field to land their initial job in tech. They can choose from one of our international campuses or study remotely in the fields of web development, UX/UI design, data analytics, and cybersecurity. 

Web development alumni

Andrew Thomas-Worsley was working in an American public school as an academic interventionist when he decided to take the step to fulfill his dream: becoming a developer. He had worked in tech as a customer support specialist before he worked in schools, but wanted to harness the flexibility that most developer roles offer and become one himself. 

Once he found the eMerge Diversity in Tech scholarship, he knew he had found the right place for him and enrolled in the full-time, 9 week Web Development Bootcamp to truly immerse himself in the theory of web development. When things got tough, he turned to his fellow Ironhackers and instructors for assistance and support. 

“The best thing I learned from Ironhack has nothing to do with code. It has everything to do with how to ask for help. Personally, I believe it’s the most important skill to possess.”

Andrew landed his first web development job soon after graduating from Ironhack’s bootcamp and feels fortunate to love what he does and benefit from flexible policies. 

Mariana Leitune Costa began her career as a lawyer, focusing on digital law, but soon realized her true passion was with development. And after ten years working in law, she took Ironhack’s Web Development Bootcamp in Amsterdam after trying a free, online course to see if she really wanted to dedicate her career to development. 

“Technology is an area that grows every day and encourages a flexible work culture.”

She found a job quickly after graduation at one of Ironhack’s “Meet Our Partners” events and despite the fact that she was going to be spending three months in her home country immediately following graduation, she was welcomed by a company that prioritizes employee satisfaction and remote-friendly policies.

UX/UI design alumni

Originally an architect, Rosa Niggemann didn’t know where to look when she decided that architecture wasn’t for her. She learned about Ironhack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, prepped on her own on Figma, and then enrolled. 

She was initially drawn to Ironhack because of its practical nature; as she already had both university and postgraduate degrees, she wanted to learn the essential skills that would help her land a job. 

“The job hunt went well! After less than 2 months of "hunting,” I had 3 job offers and could pick the one I liked the most.”

During the course, she took full advantage of Ironhack’s Career Services and fine tuned her interview skills and worked on her CV design. 

Wisler Altidor knew he loved both design and tech, and was looking for a way to combine the door when he was working as a warehouse employee in the US. After a few year-long stints at various jobs, he wanted to make the jump to get into tech and he met an Ironhacker who told him all about what a UX/UI Design Bootcamp could do for him. 

“I spent the next couple of weeks researching UX/UI and Ironhack to see what it really is and if it was going to be worth investing in it. The more I researched, the more I loved the career! I made the decision to attend Ironhack and that was the best decision I've made in my whole life.”

During the bootcamp, he cherished the support he received from fellow Ironhackers and alumni, taking advantage of the remote course option and still using every opportunity to network. He decided to work as a freelance UX/UI designer and now boasts a network of various clients. 

Data analytics alum

Maximilian Soren Pollak enjoyed surfing the internet and learning about tech and decided to take it a step further with Ironhack’s Data Analytics Bootcamp, initially drawn to Ironhack because it was one of the only bootcamps offered both remotely and in English, in addition to being verified by the German government. 

“Learning about tech can benefit everyone, not just people who want to work in tech later; it can also help people that want to level up their current career path.”

He went on to win his class’ Hackathon with a web-based app that helps users pick the best stock option for them and visualize future results and intends to continue developing his design and then bring it to life. 

Cybersecurity alumni

Knowing he loved client relationships and tech, Jean-Baptiste Gallot wanted to find a role where he could continue connecting with people and work in tech. He saw the importance of the relationship between technology and data privacy and found Ironhack’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp. 

Going back to study after many years working in the same field at an expert level can make you feel nervous because you have to start from zero. The Admissions team answered all my questions, gave me guidance and I was confident to say: if I do this, I know I had to give 100%. So it's all in!”  

Due to the pandemic, Jean-Baptiste took an online course, but was impressed with the ability to still connect and network with fellow students and instructors. Today, he works as a cybersecurity professional, protecting client data from emerging threats. 

In her previous role as a Project Manager in the aerospace industry, Ioana Oprea frequently encountered cybersecurity and took it upon herself to teach herself the basics of cybersecurity so that she could better do her job. As she learned, it sparked a real interest in the field and inspired her to switch careers. 

“Looking back now a year later, I can say beyond the shadow of any doubt that it was one of the best professional decisions I had ever taken.”

Ironhack’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp was challenging but doable and Ioana relied on her classmates for assistance as needed, continuing their relationship well into the job search post-graduation. She received multiple offers after completing the bootcamp and was able to choose the best role for herself, thanks to the career assistance provided by Ironhack. 

Have we convinced you? There’s truly no better way to make a career change than at Ironhack and we’re eager to help you take the first steps. Ready? We’re excited to hear from you! 

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