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8 February 2022

Tampa Tech Growth : Why your dream tech job is closer than you think

Tampa tech scene rapidly grows and welcomes coding bootcamp graduates

Stephanie Menjivar - Ironhack US


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It’s no secret that Florida was one of the top states to benefit from the COVID-19 Pandemic. With remote work taking off, business-friendly rules in the state and beautiful weather, Tampa became one of the top cities to benefit. Just because Tom Brady retired in Tampa, doesn’t mean this is a retirement city. It’s actually quite the opposite, as major companies like Goldman Sachs announce their move to Tampa, and companies like PWC and Accenture open Innovation Centers, the city has attracted a younger crowd to relocate.   

Not to mention that JP Morgan Chase announced this year that they are hiring over 300 bootcamp grads for their early career program in Tampa. With all of this rapid growth happening, it’s clear that the tech industry is booming in Tampa.  

Tech Salaries in Tampa

Tech continues to be one of the highest paying fields in today’s workforce. 

According - The average tech salary in Tampa falls within the top 25 in the United States at around $97,000 a year. Tampa had one of the largest increases from 2020 which has increased 10% from 2021.

This pay range is something Bootcamp grads can aspire to grow into. The average coding bootcamp graduate can expect an average range of $45,000 - $60,000 within their first year of graduating. As their experience grows, they can rapidly progress their income within 2-3+ years.

Some of the top high paying tech roles in the job market include, UX/UI Designer at $101,000, Data jobs ranging from $59,000 up to $120,000+ and Software Developers continue to earn up to $120,000+ as well. While this includes years of experience, the market has plenty of room for you to grow and tech companies are hungry for talent. 

With Tampa being responsible for more than 25% of Florida's tech jobs, it’s an ideal city to start and develop a career in tech. 

Top Tech Roles with Job Openings

According to Global recruitment firm Hay’s 2022 salary guide - there has been a myriad of open roles that are looking for talent to fill. 

Some of the most in-demand tech roles with open positions throughout the US include Data Scientist, Full Stack Engineer, Dev Ops and Software Engineer to name a few. One of the main reasons companies are struggling for talent is lack of applications. There are just not enough tech professionals in the market to meet the current demand for talent! 

Nowadays, college degrees are no longer required to get into tech. In order to be competitive in the market, companies are looking at immersive Bootcamps like Ironhack as a source of talent to increase their diversity as well as shorten their onboarding process. Ironhack teaches the technical skills for you to land a job in tech and gain hands-on experience. 

 With the opening of our new Tampa Hybrid campus, we’re excited to continue bridging the gap between career changers and companies looking for tech talent. To facilitate this, we’ve partnered with Climb Credit to offer future students who live in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area an opportunity to win a scholarship to Ironhack Tampa. To take advantage of this scholarship giveaway make sure to review the scholarship rules and apply before February 25th, 2022. Get the full details here. 

To learn more about why Tampa is one of the best places to grow a career in tech, check out our virtual info session. If you’re ready to jump into tech and change your life, apply to the next Web Development, UI/UX Design, or Data Analytics bootcamp cohort before classes fill up. 

See you in class! 

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