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26 October 2023 - 3 minutes

Sustainable UX/UI: How Designers Can Build for a Better Future

Discover why so many designers are committing to sustainability

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer

The field of sustainable UX/UI design is growing incredibly fast and there’s a reason why: more and more designers are choosing to prioritize sustainability efforts in every single step of their design process, bringing both the user and the environment to the forefront of their creations. And that’s precisely why we created our Sustainable UX/UI: How Designers Can Build for a Better Future ebook, featuring excerpts from experts on how they’ve been able to incorporate sustainable choices into their designs. 

Here’s what you can expect to read about: 

  • Design by Nature

    • Learn the frameworks created with nature in mind, to help you implement sustainability and regeneration in your designs.

  • Designers as Agents of Change

    • Learn what it means to be a sustainability-focused UX/UI designer and what it means for your future.

  • From Design Thinking to Systems Thinking

    • Future-proof your design knowledge by gaining an understanding of this innovative new approach.

  • Further Resources and Frameworks

    • Continue your learning journey with our recommendations, hand-picked by the experts!

Why is Betting on Sustainability a Good Choice? 

As our experts will tell you, making sustainable choices in your designs is crucial for ensuring the future existence of our resource and environment as a whole. But that’s not it: committing to sustainability can help you: 

  • Fall in love with what you do: having a job you love can help to give your life a new sense of meaning, and can give you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your personal life to the max. When you work on something that you really care about, enjoy doing day-to-day, with people you admire, work stops being work and becomes a vocation.

  • Discover more about tech: tech is so vast and varied, and much more accessible than you may think. Whatever your talents or passions, there’s a place for you in tech. Maybe you’ll be the next great UX/UI designer, taking eCommerce to the next level. Salaries in tech are also often higher compared to other industries.

  • Enjoy your work: it’s not just about what you do, it’s how you do it. Discover whether you’re more into turning up to a city-center coworking space every day, or you want to roam free wherever WiFi can be found. Are you looking for your next great boss, or do you want to be your own?

  • Spark a new career trajectory: get support from an experienced Career Coach for 1 year post graduation (as long as you're actively job hunting). Take advantage of 1:1 coaching to do mock interviews or unblock any blockers. Receive job postings from our global network of 1000+ hiring companies.

If you’re ready to take the next steps towards your sustainable future in UX/UI design, our newest e-book is the perfect place to start. Download it today and don’t let another second pass you by: now’s the time to change the world.

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