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October 28, 2021

20 Software Development Tools to Focus on Productivity

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Despite technology doing more for us than ever, there still never seems to be enough time to be as productive as we'd like. There are plenty of software tools, however, designed to speed up work and increase productivity. Whether it's cutting down on distractions and developing good work habits, managing teams effectively, eliminating time-wasting bugs, or even adding a bit of fun to repetitive tasks, there are tools to help. We've done some research for you and identified 20 software development tools designed to boost productivity. Some may even help keep you on track during your Ironhack Bootcamp course.

1. Slack

Slack brings people together by grouping project information into different channels. It reduces the time spent on communicating through channels such as emails, allowing full, undistracted focus on projects. Working on files and sharing them is straightforward and the chat option makes asking a team member a question quick and easy.

2. Trello

If making lists and charts keeps you organized and then you'll love Trello. Projects are organized into boards that contain to-do lists and drag-and-drop cards that can be assigned to different team members. Comments, attachments, and color-coded labels can be added to the checklists.

3. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker also delivers a visual form of team management and project development. Projects are laid out in story form or virtual cards, allowing them to be broken into manageable chunks. The pace of work is analyzed, allowing you to set realistic timescales for your clients.

4. Jira

Jira helps you plan, track and manage your projects by customizing the workflow and allowing teams to collaborate efficiently. Visualizations of the work in progress allow team members to effectively move it forward.

5. Binfire

Binfire also allows real-time collaboration between team members. Useful features include a message board, burndown charts, real-time notifications, interactive whiteboard, project folders, bug tracking, and status updates.

6. Axosoft

Axosoft is agile project management software that also includes bug tracking. It creates the steps you need to deliver bug-free software in a set timescale, managing different versions as your project develops.

7. Confluence

By bringing together ideas, documents, and people, Confluence lets teams collaborate fully on projects. It's easy to use and can be used in conjunction with Jira.

8. GIT

This free version control software helps manage projects of all sizes quickly and efficiently. GIT remembers to save every tiny change you make when developing code while allowing other team members to contribute and edit.

9. Sublime Text

If work needs regular editing, Sublime Text provides sophisticated shortcuts that help. Open files and jump easily between them, using the multiple search option to change small sections or larger chunks.

10. IntelliJIDEA

This Integrated Development Environment brings together platform-creating tools such as a compiler, code editor, and debugger. IntelliJIDEA also makes intelligent project development suggestions along the way.

11. Code Project

If you're new to the world of software development, dip into Code Project. This free tutorial hub has an active community forum backed up with a library of resources.

12. 7Pace Timetracker

With 7Pace Timetracker you can track how much time you're spending on project tasks without having to track individual team members. You can then analyze this to focus on the next steps.

13. Tabnine

Tabnine is an AI-driven tool that saves you the chore of repeatedly typing out the same code. It reduces coding mistakes while developing your knowledge of coding practice.

14. Silver Searcher

As projects develop, you end up with thousands of files. Sometimes you need a specific piece of code hidden deep within them. Silver Searcher helps you speedily track down the information you need.

15. SpectralOps

You don't want to spend days or weeks on a project only to have it destroyed or stolen via a cyber attack. Code security, however, often gets overlooked in project management. SpectralOps lets you automate security checks and scans, mitigating the risk of leaks caused by error or bad practice.

16. Lightrun

Use Lightrun to avoid bugs finding their way into your project, as, once in, they're hard to locate and deal with. Lightrun adds logs, traces, and metrics to your code, helping you to sort out any bug issues in real-time.

17. Feedly

Reading articles and blogs can quickly tempt you off task. Start off reading a blog page, follow a link and before you know it, you've fallen behind with your day's work. Feedly organizes reading material, ready for you to read when convenient.

18. Cold Turkey

It's so easy to start watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Facebook and Twitter feeds. Then, before you know it, an hour of productive time has been lost. Stay focused on the task in front of you by setting Cold Turkey to block distracting websites, apps, and games.

19. F.lux

F.lux is a gentle tool that makes your working day more comfortable and productive. Light levels fluctuate throughout the day so screens become too bright or too dim. You might not particularly notice this but it does tire your eyes and affect body functions such as sleep rhythms. F.lux automatically changes screen color and brightness according to your requirements and the ambient light.

20. Habitica

Finally, if your productivity problem is motivation then Habitica brings a bit of fun to the task. This cross-platform app helps you meet goals by turning them into games. Your project becomes a monster that you and your team members have to defeat by completing tasks. When a goal is met, you're rewarded with some 'loot' to spend.

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