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1 September 2022 - 8 minutes

10 Best Tech Companies To Work For In the UK And Why

On the tech-job-hunt? Narrow down your search by looking at these awesome tech companies who are hiring right now!

Ellen Merryweather - Senior Content Manager



The UK Tech Scene

Big thinkers, bold movers, and boundary breakers are in high demand in the United Kingdom! The UK is full of opportunities for tech talent across the board. Digital jobs and skills are underpinning the growth of the UK's thriving tech sector, which in turn is creating high-productivity jobs at scale. 

The United Kingdom is attracting global tech talent at an exponential rate, in part because of their migration policy that includes the opportunity for a tech nation visa. The UK is one of the top destinations for attracting global tech talent, home to the world's first technology visa, with a world-leading migration system that includes the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, Startup, and Innovator visas. The Global Talent Visa Guide for Digital Tech spells out how it works!

Best Tech Companies Hiring in the UK:

Here is our latest list of the top tech companies to apply to work for if you’re interested in the industry. In the UK, venture capital in technology is third, following the United States and China, so now is the time to get your foot in the door. 


Behind every great experience is a great workflow. At least that is Servicenow’s philosophy. A platform for all digital workflows, Servicenow connects people, and actions and helps integrate systems across organizations. If you’re into APIs and system workflows, Servicenow is going to be the perfect place for you to hone your tech skills in the United Kingdom.

ServiceNow makes a pact with all of its employees to live their best lives, do their best work, and fulfill their purpose together as a strong team. When you join ServiceNow, you get access to  resources that help you and your loved ones be well (from benefits plans and programs to mental health resources and family planning) and an approach to flexibility and trust that make work and life integrate in the best way for you.


Salesforce is almost a legacy platform at this point, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t always innovating. The Customer Relationship Management organization has invested heavily in its London hub and has been voted one of the best workplaces in London, along with one of the best workplaces in the UK and even one of the world’s best workplaces by Fortune in 2021. Don’t take their word for it. The employees sing Salesforces’ praises loud and clear!

“My job is everything I've always wanted. I get the pleasure of consulting with world-class companies on their customer experience strategies and showing them how they can use the technology to support their business goals. In this day and age, we are no longer limited with technology, but with imagination, and I get to ideate with the most incredible chief experience officers (CXOs). The most rewarding part is using the experiences you have designed.” - Sally Nowroozi, Principal Business Consultant EMEA, London


If you’re interested in design, Adobe is the place for you. Another classic technology company that has stood the test of time, Adobe was named as a World’s Best Workplace by Great Places to Work and Fortune for six years in a row. The company helps all sorts of content producers craft meaningful digital experiences, and right now they are experiencing massive growth due to the events of 2020 forcing many formerly in-person companies to the digital space.

Adobe’s core principles are People, Purpose and Innovation. They strive to make a positive impact in the communities where they have their 35 offices, including their London office of course. They boast a generous parental leave of up to 26 weeks at 100% of salary, and have a “Welcome Back” program as new parents get into the swing of things. Adobe employees get $1000 per year to invest their education, and are reimbursed for wellness activities. Plus they offer bootcamps and yoga classes on site, and each employee has paid access to the Headspace app for mental wellness.


Formerly Facebook, Meta will give you the opportunity to impact major technologies that we all use every day: they are the parent company of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Meta Quest, Workplace and Meta Portal. Getting your food in the door with Meta will open so many more as you grow in your technology career. 

Meta is searching for people with all kinds of backgrounds, including advertising, artificial intelligence, security, software engineering, privacy, and more. There are current openings for pretty much any skill set. Meta reviews on Glassdoor mention that the people who work at the company are incredibly “bright, kind, and humble,” and that the atmosphere is one of building each other up, supporting each other, and growth. 


Wise used to be TransferWise, and for those interested in fintech, it is another great company with London offices. They describe themselves as a global tech company with a startup heart, and their motto is “We’re people without borders. Building money without borders.” The global shift to remote work means the rules of paying and getting paid around the world in different currencies has become quite messy. Wise is working to build secure money transfer solutions globally with minimal costs.

Wise offers some early careers programs, so it’s a great option if you’re just starting out in the technology field. They take on full-time employees in their last year of university, but even better, they offer apprenticeships where you can learn and develop as you work. Apprenticeships are only available at Wise’s London campus, and are supported by the U.K. government. In an apprenticeship, you’ll spend 80% of your time working on the job, and 20% of your time in the classroom learning new skills, and you’ll have a dedicated coach to support you as you learn and grow.


“If you love moving fast, working smart, and solving big challenges in the world of events,” Hopin is the company for you. Hopin is primarily a remote company, although they have UK offices. The entire idea of Hopin is to facilitate teamwork virtually, and they strive to do the same internally. Their values include prioritizing impact, checking ego at the door, staying ahead of the curve to solve big problems, leading with empathy, and focus on customer service.

Hopin has some really great benefits. They offer unlimited vacation and flex time, $1000 to set up your home office, $1500 for learning and development, and even a $100 monthly remote work stipend. They even let you decide if you want to work on a Mac or a Dell! One thing we really loved about their careers page is the HopinVibes playlist from their 2022 All-Hands meeting!


Another fintech company, Revolut makes personal banking and finance easy. They cover everyday money needs, investing, insurance, security, and travel. Revolut can handle payments, budgeting and analytics to track spending habits and identify opportunities for savings. You’ll even get to help teach the next generation of money makers how to optimize their finances and spend smartly.

Revolut’s Engineering & Data team has the most open positions at the time of this blog post, so it’s a great time to consider joining their “Dream Team.” Working at Revolut means you are the cream of the crop professionally, because they do not settle for mediocre talent. Logic, reason and common sense are their driving factors, and the focus is on grit, determination, smartness and courage to push boundaries. You’ll be joining a team that doesn’t take any BS, and you’ll also be learning from the best.


We’re all familiar with Microsoft, one of the technology world’s major players. Microsoft in the United Kingdom offers apprenticeships and internships, depending on the stage you are in your career. Internships are for candidates studying at university while apprenticeships are meant for newcomers to the job market who may not have a university degree. At Microsoft you’ll be working on technologies like artificial intelligence and mixed reality to give innovators the power to create a whole new world. 

Microsoft offers flexible work options, generous vacation time, and holidays, and supports employee growth with online and IRL technical, management, and professional development courses. The company offers world-class healthcare benefits, and an employees financial program so employees can save and invest. Microsoft offers parental leave, family caregiver leave, adoption assistance, parenting classes and family support programs. It’s a great company to join  and grow both professionally and personally. 


Google’s first London office opened in 2003 and since then they have grown to have thousands of employees. Located in the Westminster/Soho neighborhood, the offices span 160,000 square feet of a non-traditional work environment. The offices are outfitted with quirky names and themes, including “Granny’s Flat” and the “Lala Library.” There’s even a rooftop terrace for those who want to get outside when the London sun is shining.

As far as benefits go, Google offers paid time off, including vacation, bereavement, jury duty, sick leave, parental leave, disability, holidays and global reset/wellbeing days. They have a hybrid work model that includes two work from home days each week, and some remote work opportunities are available. But why would you want to miss out on their awesome London offices?


Rounding out our list is Monzo, which started in 2016 as a prepaid Mastercard that could be topped up with the Monzo app, and allow for free overseas withdrawals. The app helps people to sort their salary, create budgets, save, pay bills, and get notified with instant spending notifications to know what’s leaving their accounts in real time. The app even protects against overdraft, integrates with Apple and Google Pay, provides loans, and can help users get paid early. 

Working at Monzo means you’ll have an office in the heart of London, and you’ll be building the future of banking. Monzo’s employees are called “Monzonauts,” and their benefits are top-notch. The company has flexible working hours, and offers 24 paid holidays plus a month of unpaid leave annually. If you stick it out at Monzo for four years, you get three months of paid leave! So this is a great company to join now and grow your long-term tech career.

Ironhack teaches the skills that these companies are looking for, and we know how to get you ready for the job so you can hit the ground running! So if you see yourself strolling through, for example, Madrid’s Google campus on your way to a user interview, or joining Glovo’s rockstar development team, take a look at Ironhack’s tech bootcamps. Nothing is more important for getting one of these gigs than practical experience and a wide network within the industry. You’ve got this!

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