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7 February 2023 - 4 mins

Why Landing a Tech Job Without a Degree is Easier than you Think

4 Reasons why Choose a Tech Bootcamp Over a Degree

Gabriel Pizzolante - Ironhack UK




Most people agree there is a huge shortage of skilled technologists. How big is the gap? This 2022 report from Tech Nation suggests that there were around 870,000 UK tech and digital job vacancies between January to May 2022, the highest number recorded in the decade since jobs platform Adzuna began producing their annual study data in 2012.

This, despite a huge push on behalf of the UK government to encourage people to follow a conventional path into the technology sector; teaching coding in schools, promoting STEM subjects, and students to study IT related-subjects like Computer Science at University.  

But it’s a myth that you need a university degree to secure a job in technology, and it’s pretty much universally accepted that traditional education methods are not fit for the modern age. 

And not much has changed since Ken Robinson’s now-famous TED talk - over than 15 years ago. So in a cost of living crisis it’s not surprising that the value of degrees are coming into question.

SheCanCode has recently published a piece on our reasons why choose a bootcamp over a degree, coming from Gabriel Pizzolante, UK Growth Marketer at Ironhack, and we'd like to share it too.

Bootcamps are a credible alternative, for four main reasons.

Tech bootcamps make you employable more quickly than degrees

The vast majority of employers are not particularly interested in whether you went to university or not - the main thing they need is independent proof that you have the skills and have done the required training. 

Whatever your chosen line of work - web development, UX & UI, data analytics or cyber security - bootcamp certifications are taken seriously by employers with almost all Ironhackers going on to secure jobs. 

You could spend three years at university, getting into debt, or you could learn these vital skills in months and boost your chances of walking into a higher-paid job.

Tech bootcamps give you an opportunity to build your own portfolio

Hands-on practice is not just a superb way to reinforce learning. Nothing impresses like initiative and proactivity.

Indeed, it also provides you with tasks, use cases, and applications that can show employers examples of your development skills. For someone who wants to step into the industry, doing a lot of projects that you’re working on can help greatly in preparation for a future role. 

It should become pretty evident where you can incorporate your training to solve real-world problems, and then it’s just a matter of building something and then showcasing it to a potential employer. 

Where a degree may provide theoretical proof that you can build things, and solve problems, a bootcamp give you practical, real world examples.

Tech bootcamps have incredible support communities

Many students get their start in their industry through their network, whether personal or professional.  What use are the skills if nobody knows you exist? 

In addition to the immediate community of students on the same programme as you, there are benefits to being part of a wider support network of alumni - both around the campus and region you attend and globally.

And with a network of more than 600 partners - all of which look to Ironhack for tech talent - we’ve also launched community initiatives with companies like Google, EA Sports, Facebook, Uber, Vinted, Bunq and many more to help students get into the industry. 

Tech bootcamps are much better value for money than degrees.

There are lots of benefits that come with doing a University degree. For many, it’s a rite of passage, a memorable life-changing experience and a huge achievement to have those letters after your name. 

But it’s also incredibly expensive, and with the increase in fees and the cost of living (and not working full time over the duration of the course) most graduates leave UK Universities with huge debts running into the high tens of thousands of pounds.

Not only does a bootcamp ensure you’re in a position to get a job much faster, but there are a range of funding options available to cover the costs - some of which, like a student loan, don’t need to be repaid until you’re in a position to cover it with your salary.

Thinking about the investment required to gain the skills for a job in tech, it's important to consider all the factors that will help you succeed. Ironhack offers support from the point of application where our Admissions Managers take the time to answer all questions and help our candidate determine whether the bootcamp is really for them.

Looking for a career change? If you're already considering options, you've just taken the first step.

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