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18 April 2021

6 reasons why remote coding bootcamps are worth it

Diana Blaum - Ironhack Germany



We are very often approached by people and asked if participating in a remote bootcamp is worth it. After all, a bootcamp is always associated with the investment of time, money and effort, especially for employed people this can be a great extra effort.

Questions that often reach us are: 

  • Will a bootcamp really teach me what I need to know? 

  • Can a bootcamp help me in my professional career?

  • Is the investment and the time spent worth it? 

All of the above questions can be answered with a solid "yes". We completely understand the concerns, however, through our years of expertise in this field, we are aware of the added value and positive effect of a coding bootcamp. Numerous graduates can confirm how enriching the participation in our bootcamps has been for them. So, it is possible to have a great bootcamp experience where you gain new skills as well as professional mobility. 

But that's not all. In this post, we want to give you six more reasons why attending an Ironhack Remote Bootcamp is worth your while. 

1. Remote bootcamps allow for a more flexible schedule

Remote bootcamps offer valuable flexibility and convenience for busy individuals. Whether a student's schedule is filled with family obligations, a full-time job, or both, attending face-to-face classes on a campus every week can be a real challenge. Remote programs offer scheduling flexibility through the fact that commuting to campus is completely absent. This means less time on public transportation and more time studying comfortably on the couch. Especially in big cities, such as Berlin, students save an average of about one hour per day. Students thus have the opportunity to structure their already tight schedule more flexibly and adapt it to their needs. 

For many people, quitting their job is simply not an option - whether it's because they need to take care of their family or can't afford to go without a steady income for an extended period of time. For example, if you choose one of our remote bootcamps, you can learn to code without having to quit your job.

2. You can attend regardless of your location

Attending a remote bootcamp is also beneficial for students who don't live near a bootcamp campus. Universities and some traditional coding courses require attendance at a physical location. These face-to-face classes require a daily commute to campus, which is not required when attending a remote bootcamp. All you need to participate in a remote program is a solid internet connection - your geographic location doesn't matter at all. Moving near a campus becomes irrelevant, saving you not only a lot of time but also money. Thus, with a remote bootcamp, you have the freedom to attend the program regardless of your location. It's up to you to decide what kind of learning atmosphere suits you best.

3. Learn new skills in a short period of time

If you want to acquire new skills and pursue further education, you can of course complete a degree or vocational training. However, it takes at least 3 years to graduate and you are tied to one location for the entire duration of your studies. By attending a remote bootcamp, you can bypass all that and learn all the skills you need in just a few months through an intensive program. Our bootcamps have a duration of only 9 weeks.

With a traditional degree, you may gain more overall knowledge after 3 years. Most bootcamps, however, focus on the fundamental skills that will help you transition quickly into a new career with their very intensive and short-term training. 

4. Remote bootcamps are cost-effective

For many people who want to learn sought-after technical skills, a bootcamp is an affordable alternative to a regular 3-year degree. The price of attending a university for traditional education has skyrocketed. There are many costs that come along with tuition, such as housing, books, etc., which accumulate and come at a high cost over the years. This makes attending a bootcamp not only an expense but also a valuable time saver. Especially in the fast-paced tech industry, this is not to be underestimated, enabling bootcamps to focus more specifically and quickly on the skills currently in demand in the job market, as opposed to universities with their rigid curriculums.

5. Peer community

Similar to the support provided by lecturers and tutors, working with like-minded people greatly enhances the learning process. It can be very rewarding to share ideas with other students who are going through the same ups and downs of learning as you. 

Most bootcamps are very dedicated to connecting you with a great network of students in your program, bootcamp alumni, and teachers. Ironhack uses a real-time chat system, like Slack. We also offer additional ways to foster community and take student interaction to an even deeper level. The added value of having like-minded people by your side who are going through the same experience as you cannot be underestimated. Fellow students are able to bring their own unique perspectives and strengths to the table and help solve problems you may be facing. In addition, after completing the bootcamp, you will have established a solid network of peers and friends that can help you in your future career. 

6. Remote bootcamps prepare you for the real world

When it comes to learning a new skill, which will later be the center of your new career, nothing is more important than practical use. The main goal of a remote bootcamp is to ensure that students find a job after graduation to use the skills they have learned in the real world. Therefore, when building the portfolio, we focus on covering all the requirements that are most in demand in the job market at the time. Employers value the ability to understand high-level concepts, but ultimately it's important to be able to apply what you've learned in real life.  

Remote bootcamps also teach you essential soft skills to succeed in the real world. For example, teamwork and communication skills are two important skills that are taught through multiple group work and presentations in class. Regardless of the industry - e.g. engineering, coding, marketing - it's important to know how to work with other people. 

Last but not least, Ironhack’s remote bootcamp also prepares you for a remote work environment in case this is something you want for your career. Home offices are not uncommon anymore, especially nowadays in companies, and so open remote positions are becoming more and more common across the job market. By attending a remote bootcamp, you're already familiarizing yourself with the structures and digital work environment. Thanks to the skills you've learned, you'll later be able to take off as a freelancer on the job market. Whether it's to advance your own projects or to support other companies in their endeavors. As a freelancer, there are no geographical or technical boundaries to your possibilities and freedom. 

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