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13 July 2023 - 5 minutes

Ironhack Adds ChatGPT to Data Analytics Bootcamp

We're expanding our curriculum to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models for Data Science & Analytics (LLMs)

Juliette Erath - Tech Writer

At Ironhack, we’re fully committed to providing our students with the latest tools necessary to excel in the tech industry and that means one thing: constantly updating our syllabus and curriculum to reflect market changes and incorporate any new trends. And that’s just what we’ve done: added artificial intelligence and large language models to our Data Analytics Bootcamp. 

Why? Well, mainly for the reason that we just stated, but also because:

  • We believe in the bootcamp model because we know that the tech industry moves so fast and university graduates simply aren’t equipped with knowledge of the latest tools post-graduation. 

  • Our Career Services works closely with industry HR experts and has seen a growing demand for proficiency with artificial intelligence and large language models from hiring managers.

  • Artificial intelligence and large language models have just begun to take off and we know that they will continue to evolve, meaning any tech professional of the future will need to know how to master these to land their dream role. 

And while ChatGPT has been all the rage over the last few months and you’re dying to learn how to use it professionally, there are lots of artificial intelligence tools and large language models that can help automate daily tasks, freeing up your time for more interesting duties, in addition to things never before seen, such as processing large amounts of data or displaying said data in a visually appealing way. 

Before we dive into artificial intelligence and large language models in data analysis and specifically how we’ve incorporated them into our bootcamp, let’s define them and give a few examples.

Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models

We know you’ve heard of these words, but could you actually define what they are?! We’ll help:

  • Artificial intelligence: this field is dedicated to teaching a computer to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

  • Regenerative AI: as the name suggests, regenerative AI focuses on developing systems that can repair themselves, like a human heals a scrape. 

  • Generative AI: this new and in-fashion field creates new content, such as text, images, or video (ChatGPT is a great example of generative AI!).

  • Natural language processing (NLP): this subfield of AI works to process and understand the human language so that it can recreate it in automated tasks. 

  • Large language model: LLMs are a type of generative AI where most innovation has taken place over the past few years; it’s been trained on large quantities of text using self-supervised learning. 

ChatGPT has been making a lot of noise over recent months and there’s a reason why: its ability to create humorous and human-like responses to a wide variety of requests is completely revolutionary in the tech world. But in case its servers are full or you’re interested in seeing what else is out there, we’ve collected a few other AI tools that could be just what you’re looking for: 

  • Google Bard: Google developed Bard, a conversational AI tool; differently from ChatGPT, however, Bard searches the internet in real-time to generate answers about any topic with no recency restrictions.

  • Bing with AI: this tool is designed to be used with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, and also uses current data to provide answers to your questions.

  • DALL-E: looking for a more visual output? DALL-E is able to generate images using AI; in just a few moments, you’ll have the image of whatever you request.

  • Soundraw: what about an audio-focused approach? Soundraw allows you to take any text and create the music of your choice. The best part? You own the content you create in the tool. 

No matter what tool you choose, familiarity with artificial intelligence and large language models will help your data analytics career skyrocket, opening you up to lots of new opportunities. 

Learning AI & LLM Tools for Data Analytics with Ironhack

One of the most time-consuming tasks that data analysts deal with daily is processing and analyzing large amounts of data. However, AI & LLM tools can transform the way data analysts work, making their jobs easier. Here’s how:

  • These tools can make it easier for data analysts to process, explore, communicate, and collaborate on their data-driven insights, making future decisions clear.

  • Tools’ abilities to use natural language can help data analysts communicate their findings to non-techie stakeholders in a way that they can actually understand.

  • These tools can also look for trends or patterns in the data that was otherwise unrecognizable to the human eye, helping draw new insights.

As these tools are so new, there’s an increasingly high demand for professionals that are not only skilled in data analytics, but also in AI and LLM tools. After all, no professional who’s currently working in the field can boast certifications or education in such tools and those who are in a traditional university setting are stuck with predetermined curricula that don't cover the latest trends.

Ironhack is unique in providing students with the education they need to enter the job hunt with these skills on their resume–a perk specific to Ironhackers. 

Can anyone learn ChatGPT?

You might be thinking that such a cool and advanced tool means it’s hard to learn and it will be impossible to jump into data analytics so quickly. However, the opposite is true; data analytics isn’t your typical tech job that requires just coding. Successful data professionals are skilled in statistical analysis and mathematics, but they also must be good communicators, logical thinkers, and successful problem solvers. 

ChatGPT and other similar AI and LLM are facilitating the more data-heavy and numbers-driven side of data analytics and allowing data professionals to focus on the results, interpreting the data, and presenting it to colleagues, opening the door for more and more people to join the field (which is good–lots of data professional roles go unfilled yearly!). 

There’s truly never been a better time to jump into data analytics and there’s no better place than at Ironhack. Check our Data Analytics Bootcamp out today and start your journey into the world of tech. 

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