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16 March 2023 - 3 minutes

State of Tech in 2023: Ironhack Launches Global Reports

The tech industry…laid bare!

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It’s not easy to keep up with the tech industry. Understatement of the century.

There are so many forces and influences that shape the global tech industry, and each country faces its own challenges and celebrates its own unique successes. So when we asked ourselves ‘what’s going to happen in the tech industry in 2023?’, we knew we had to look to more than one place for the answers.

We wanted to know, (among other things)…

  • What does the tech job market look like in 2023?

  • How wide is the skills gap? What are recruiters desperately looking for?

  • How are governments supporting their country’s tech industries?

  • What future trends should all tech professionals be looking out for?

We sat down with tech industry leaders, new hires in tech, and Ironhack’s own local market experts. We also looked at recently published research, government initiatives, and got elbow-deep in some pretty intense spreadsheets!

Finally, we’re excited to be launching our State of Tech 2023 reports. That’s right, reports. Plural!

Who are these reports for?

Career changers.

This is the ultimate ‘get-to-know-you’ guide for professionals in other industries looking to break into tech for the first time. Understand the tech hiring landscape and the hot topics that everyone is talking about.

Tech professionals and entrepreneurs.

Deepen your knowledge of the tech industry at large. When you’re busy trying to reach your next launch date, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Get back up to speed with the State of Tech!

Recruiters/HR managers.

Get to know the talent market, understand the tech skills gap, and learn how to create job offers that top talent won’t be able to resist!

Job seekers.

If you’re actively job hunting right now, this is the guide that’ll unveil the ins and outs of the tech industry, helping you understand what recruiters are looking for.

How We Made These Reports

There are a lot of whitepapers and opinion pieces out there. And you might want to know why this one is worth your time.

  • By prioritising diversity: you don’t just want to hear from one type of person with one type of background. Instead, we interviewed a diverse pool of participants in each local market to get a truly representative view of what it’s like to work in tech right now. By interviewing over a hundred people (via proper, face-to-face conversations) and looking into over 720 recent and relevant sources, we’re pretty sure we’ve done that.

  • Only trusting recent information: in tech, there’s no point looking at information gathered ten years ago! The only sources you’ll find inside are no older than 2020, with the majority of our research being conducted over the past four months.

  • Balancing government sources and the rest of the ecosystem: this balance is important to gain perspective, as governments sometimes have a different viewpoint to those in the trenches of industry. To truly understand the state of tech in each country, it’s important to know what the official version is and to listen to voices from companies and associations. The truth is usually in the middle.

Balancing qualitative and quantitative data: we wouldn’t be good Data Analytics instructors if we didn’t! We looked at the cold hard ‘facts’ of qualitative data, but also listened to the voices of over a hundred people as they told us about their day-to-day experiences.

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