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19 January 2022

Top 5 projects of 2021 - Ironhack US

Top 5 projects of 2021 - Ironhack US

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As we progress through 2022, it’s an exciting time to plan goals, form new habits, and build an actionable plan for achieving big milestones. 

If there’s one thing that the Ironhack team has learned from helping over 9,000 students break into tech it’s that goals and milestones are truly achieved when one takes massive action, learns new skills, and uses past experiences to move forward. This is why we pride ourselves on teaching students hand-on skills and assigning practical projects that build off one another.  

But when it comes to building a career in tech, learning the tools and technology to help you get the job is just the beginning. The journey to the top comes from hard work, consistency, resilience, and an amazing portfolio. To show you what’s possible when you put these traits into action, we’re showcasing the top 5 projects of 2021 from students at Ironhack US who took our Web Development and UI/UX programs.

The projects shown below are listed in no particular order. Although we’re only listing 5 projects, it’s important to mention that we’re so proud of what all of our Ironhackers have developed for their portfolios. We can’t wait to see them take the tech world by storm! 

Without further ado, here are the top 5 Ironhack student projects off 2021:

Cuddle 2 Death by Michael Power

Cuddle 2 Death was created by Michael Power as part of one of his Web Development projects. We must admit that it’s definitely one of those projects that the Miami team loves revisiting. This “Street Fighter” inspired game brings us memories of button smashing afternoons in arcades. The contrast between cuteness and action makes this a project to remember. Check it out for yourself.

Grove App redesign by Alejandro Terra

Alejandro was part of our UI/UX program and for his final project he was paired up with Groove, a members only community and app that makes it easy to find hot spots when searching for nightlife venues. This was an exciting project to be part of because Groove was developed by two Ironhack Miami Alumni. His redesign included a 3D map of the neighborhoods with nightlife venues and an easy to follow details page for each venue.

Alien on Earth by Carlos Cordon

Carlos Cordon created this fun “Mario” inspired game for his 2 week challenge of our Web Development Bootcamp. What’s there not to love about a jumping little alien collecting coins! From the theme of the game, to the design, and overall usability, Alien on Earth is definitely a great project for the books! Play the game here.

Natured Ease Website Redesign by Diane Morales 

For her final project, Diana was paired up with Natured Ease, a broad-spectrum hemp CBD company. She redesigned their website to be more user friendly and have a modern/minimalist aesthetic. Here’s what she has to say about her minimum viable product:

“My MVP is to create a referral program for new and existing users to promote customer acquisition. In addition, I will revamp the Natured Ease CBD education on their website to ensure that users understand what they are buying and how it is superior to others in the market. This will bring Natured Ease into the blue ocean of high quality and high educational impact.”

Let's Sip by Michael Porreca, Dragan Cicic and Dario Formoso

Want to have fancy cocktails at your next dinner party but you’re not sure what to make? Well, this project by some of our Miami Web Development graduates will make finding cocktail recipes easier. Let’s Sip is a web app where you can create, find, and share drink recipes. It’s simple, to the point and easy to follow which is exactly what we need from recipe websites. Not to mention that they even added an exclusive Ironhack cocktail called the “Ironhack Mule.” Check out the recipe here.

And that’s a wrap! We can’t wait to see all of the amazing projects the classes of 2022 will make. Ready to be an Ironhacker that will design or build the next big app, game, or website? 

Apply for the upcoming Web Development, UI/UX Design, or Data Analytics bootcamp cohort before classes fill up. See you in class!

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