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1 June 2020

Why Study Abroad and Learn to Code in Spain?

Learning a new language, building international connections, and gaining valuable work experience are all possibilities when learning to code abroad. Spain is a country that can offer all of these opportunities.

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The second most spoken language in the world is Spanish, and it is becoming increasing important in business. Madrid and Barcelona can provide you with opportunities to learn academically, to learn a new language, and to advance your future career.


Not many other cities in the world can boast the reputation city living that overlooks the Mediterranean sea. Barcelona has opportunities to attend coding bootcamps, and it is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe for startups. Learning to code in Barcelona will not only provide you with coding experience, but also the potential to work abroad. Spanish and Catalan are the two languages spoken in Barcelona, and the food is some of the best in the world. This city is a great option not only for learning to code but also an interesting cultural experience.


The city of Madrid is a modern city with old world charm. Located in the center of Spain, there is easy access to the coast, the mountains, and just an hour away from historic towns such as Toledo and Segovia. Being located at the center of the country means it is also a melting pot for Spanish cuisine. You can try tapas (Spanish appetizers) that are influenced by regions all over Spain. Madrid is also the business center of Spain. Attending a bootcamp in this city will give you access to not only the amazing culture in Spain but also potential job opportunities to gain experience programming in a real work setting. Studying abroad and learning to code in Madrid would be an overall beneficial experience for anyone looking for a cultural experience while gaining real world experience. In addition, coming to any of this cities is easier than ever thanks to our partner Spotahome, a spanish startup which offers mid to long term accommodation services in both cities, where they feature more than 6000 personally verified rooms.

The startup scene in Spain is booming. Studying abroad there can give you connections into the Spanish startup world. In the last year, there was  an 187% increase of funding raised for startups compared to 2013. Spanish startups are recognized internationally.Scytl, Social Point, BuyVIP, Privalia, ZED or even Spotahome are all examples of Spanish startups that have had success on an international scale. Furthermore, Spain is a great testing ground for startup ideas. It has a local market of more than 45 million people and the highest smartphone penetration rate in Europe allowing companies to get an idea of the success rate of their product.

Studying abroad and learning to code will not only advance your career, but provide you with an opportunity to experience a new culture and even get to watch Real Madrid and Barcelona live. Bonus: both cities have a great nightlife scene as well!

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