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  • 8 minutes

    10 Best Tech Companies To Work For In the UK And Why

    Ellen Merryweather - 2022-09-01

    Big thinkers, bold movers, and boundary breakers are in high demand in the United Kingdom! The UK is full of opportunities for tech talent across the board. Digital jobs and skills are underpinning the growth of the UK's thriving tech sector, which in turn is creating high-productivity jobs at scale.

  • Life After The Great Resignation: The UK Guide On How to Retrain In Tech

    Ellen Merryweather - 2022-07-06

    You’re reading an exclusive preview of our latest whitepaper: Life After The Great Resignation: The UK Guide on How to Retrain in Tech .

  • Ironhack News

    7 minutes

    Wild Tech: Becoming a Digital Nomad

    Ellen Merryweather - 2022-11-16

    If you're thinking of starting your new life as a Digital Nomad, we've made a new book for you! In partnership with Tropicfeel (the experts in gearing up for adventure), we're excited to bring you...

  • 8 minutes

    How to Actually Use ChatGPT 

    Ironhack - 2023-04-17

    You’ve probably heard a lot about ChatGPT recently. Maybe you’ve read one of our blog posts, come across an article in a major newspaper, or even seen a post on one of our social media pages. Lately, it seems like ChatGPT is all everyone is talking about. And with all the hype around ChatGPT, there’s never been a better time to learn how to use it effectively.

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