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August 30, 2023 - 7 minutes

The Future of Tech Education: Trends and Innovations in International Bootcamps

Tech bootcamps are growing in popularity and the future's so bright. 

Ironhack - Changing The Future of Tech Education


The future is here and there’s never been a better time to get into tech, taking advantage of the surplus of available tech jobs and rapidly advancing technologies. But tech isn’t the only thing that’s moving fast; education and tech education specifically are advancing at a dizzying speed and we can see certain trends on the horizon. 

We’re confident in making this bold statement: the biggest trend in tech education is bootcamps. What are bootcamps? Why are they valuable? Are they really the future of tech education? We think so and we’ll tell you why in this post. And later, we’re going to dive into other tech education trends that you can expect to see in coming years. 

The Beauty of Bootcamps

Okay, let’s get right to the point: bootcamps are intensive and fast-paced courses that take place over the course of just a few weeks or months and aim to teach you the skills that are necessary to you landing a job in tech. And why have they gained so much attention and fame in recent years? Well:

  • Because the tech industry is evolving so fast, it’s hard for employers to find candidates that have the right skills for the current market needs. University graduates, for example, are up-to-date on the skills from when they began their studies four or five years prior, not when they graduate. By learning the skills that hiring managers are looking for at that moment, bootcamp graduates are uniquely suited to fill the gaps in the tech hiring field. 

  • Bootcamps focus on the exact skills that are needed, providing their students with the necessary foundational knowledge and practical skills that are in-demand. They eliminate the filler and extra, time-consuming topics that university graduates might have to learn, ensuring that bootcamp graduates enter the job market as soon as possible. 

  • In a world where everyone has a million things going on at once, bootcamps offer a flexible and fast way to switch careers, allowing students to study while they work or maintain other responsibilities. The vast majority of bootcamp students choose to take a bootcamp for this precise reason; without such an option, learning an entire new skill and preparing to get a job in a new field would be financially impossible or too time-consuming. 

  • The majority of bootcamps don’t expect students to come in with any tech knowledge at all! This means that the door is wide open to practically everyone and ensures that all students begin the bootcamp on the same foot. Lots of institutions offer pre-work or special assistance before the course even begins, providing that essential foundational knowledge so they can get right to the good stuff once the bootcamp starts. 

  • Bootcamps are designed with the student in mind, offering the possibility of financing options, part-time or full-time classes, and even remote or in-person courses. While these may seem unnecessary to some, the option to take a bootcamp at night or from home might be a deciding factor for students. Many also offer career assistance from the very beginning, helping students finetune their resumes and practice their interviewing skills. 

Bootcamps: the future of tech education 

Bootcamps are the future of tech education and there’s no argument about it. In fact, more and more employers are looking to hire bootcamp graduates because of their drive, passion, and hunger for knowledge. In coming years, we will see tech bootcamps continue to expand and grow in popularity–we’re sure of it. Let’s discuss why.

Tech bootcamps help you get a job

Listen, we get the doubt: how can a few months of intensive classes prepare you to work alongside tech professionals with years of experience? It’s simple; tech bootcamps teach those important and in-demand skills that current tech professionals haven’t yet been exposed to! As a bootcamp, you’ll be taught what you need to fill very specific gaps in the tech market and then advance from there, ready to move up and on.

Tech bootcamps don’t require previous tech experience 

You don’t need to have studied tech for years and years to join the tech field–we promise! In fact, bootcamps are designed for those who have little to no experience in tech; the curriculum is carefully designed to teach students the essential foundational knowledge needed for success and then develop the most marketable tech skills through hands-on, practical experience. And since most bootcamps boast small classes and teaching assistants, you’ll be able to have any questions answered. 

Tech bootcamps work with students, not against

Whether you need to take part-time classes to stay at your current job and pay for your course or you simply prefer learning from the comfort of your own home, tech bootcamps offer lots of options so that you’re able to do what’s right for you. These scheduling options, in addition to financing and career assistance, help students access bootcamps and achieve their goals post-bootcamp. 

Trends and Innovations in Tech Bootcamps

Now that we’ve covered the basics of bootcamps and why they’ve become so popular, let’s get right to the nitty gritty: what we can expect to see in the future from tech bootcamps.

Remote/hybrid bootcamps 

Remote learning became a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s here to stay. Why? Because we’ve seen that it’s an incredibly valuable learning method that, in addition to providing a pandemic-safe way of instruction, makes learning accessible to even more people:

  • In-person classes may be impossible for those who have childcare responsibilities or other familial duties that prevent them from attending classes for eight hours a day. 

  • Remote bootcamps eliminate geographical restrictions, opening the door to people who simply don’t have a local bootcamp that offers the topic they’d like to study. 

  • By removing an in-person requirement, bootcamps can accept a wider and more diverse range of students, enriching the learning experience for all.

  • For those with erratic or non-traditional schedules, remote bootcamps offer the opportunity to study when they can, be that in the middle of the day or here and there when they have free time. 

Artificial intelligence 

You may have heard about the risks of using ChatGPT in the classroom, but the truth is that when properly used, artificial intelligence technologies can provide students with a completely new and transformative way to learn:

  • The rise of augmented/virtual reality has given the opportunity to completely shift how we learn, offering students the ability to quite literally picture situations and learn in new ways.

  • Instructors can use virtual reality to simulate situations where students have to find the right solution for the problem.

  • ChatGPT can help students with common troubleshooting issues, freeing up instructors for more pressing questions.  


Remote options are just one way that tech bootcamps are improving overall accessibility; as more and more people gain access to tech knowledge, the entire world will benefit and innovation will skyrocket: 

  • The increase of accessibility awareness in society means that accessibility is on the forefront of most tech classes and students are becoming continuously more informed about why accessibility is so key. 

  • The option to attend class from home makes learning accessible for those who cannot physically attend class due to social anxiety, disabilities, or other reasons. 

  • As computers and other tech tools become more inclusive, people with a wide range of disabilities, such as cognitive, hearing, visual, educational, or physical disabilities will be able to access the same education and tools that everyone else can. 


You know that diversity and inclusion is always our main goal, but bootcamps are on the forefront of providing diverse groups the opportunity to jump into tech, which is so crucial because: 

  • The more diverse your table is, the better solutions you’ll create. People draw on their own experiences when it comes time to brainstorm and share and with an increased focus on diversity, bootcamps are able to include more and more groups in crucial conversations. 

  • Learning from other classmates is an essential part of the bootcamp experience; only courses that work to achieve high levels of diversity will give students the best possible experience. 

  • Because bootcamps are so flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of students, they’re more likely to attract diverse groups of people and those who maybe weren’t previously able to enter the tech field, meaning a whole new group of people will be soon reflected in company decisions. 

The tech industry is booming and bootcamps are right there with them. After all, is there a better way to learn?! We don’t think so and we’d love to be with you on your journey towards a tech role with our bootcamps in web development, UX/UI design, data analytics, or cybersecurity. 

No matter what topic you choose, tech bootcamps are the future and you can expect to see lots of cool stuff happening in the near future. Are you in? 

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