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Why hire from us?

Careful selection

Our rigorous selection process is designed to accept only those students who can become outstanding professionals.

Ready to deploy skills

We continuously update our curriculum based on the needs of the market. After + 450 hours of immersive training, Ironhackers are ready to start working from day one.

Passion and Motivation

Ironhackers are here because they want to be here: they're passionate and curious by nature. We coach them to further develop relevant soft skills to help them become outstanding professionals.

No fees

No hidden costs or fees - basic access to our Ironhackers is completely free. We're a school, not a recruitment agency.

What our graduates learn




MERN Stack

JavaScript is the core of Ironhack's learning path. We teach our students MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and React - key weapons for an actual full-stack developer.

3 Real World Apps

From the beginning, Ironhackers are building real-world applications, from a web-based game to a full stack app with external API's.

Immersive Experience

Ironhackers spend at least 450 hours coding, from the most basic to the most advanced topics.

Mentored by professionals

Our instructors are industry leaders from top companies, who teach our students best practices from the real world.


Why Magic Leap hired a web dev Ironhacker

Anthony is probably the most well-rounded graduate I think I've ever met and worked with. He doesn't know everything, and he knows that we know that. But he's been able to do everything we've thrown at him, and we've thrown a lot at him. This Ironhacker has been really impressive.

Michel Marrache - Front End Developer at Magic Leap

How To Hire From Us?

Our goal is to make your talent acquisition process easy and convenient. We help match you to qualified candidates based on your target profile.

Fast-track Interviews

Whenever you submit a job request, we will connect you directly via email with our Ironhackers so you can jump straight into interview stage. Introductions will be made based on affinity. We want to ensure each interview is as productive as possible. For this reason, we ask both companies and students their preferences regarding language, location, hard skills and soft skills and match based on this criteria.


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