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4 April 2023 - 5 minutes

Pre-Bootcamp: What to Do? 

Your bootcamp is creeping up, but how can you prepare? We got you covered.

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer

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You’ve done it: you’ve signed up for your tech bootcamp! And as the first day approaches, you might be wondering what exactly you should do to prepare for this next challenge. Should you spend all your nights watching cybersecurity videos on YouTube? Or maybe try to learn every programming language known to man? Don’t worry - all of that is completely unnecessary. Ironhack’s bootcamps are designed for beginners and will take you from the very beginning to reach where you need to be to be employable. 

Ironhack Pre-work 

As we mentioned above, the vast majority of our students don’t have any experience in their bootcamp field - yes, we’re telling the truth. But, we do produce alumni who are ready to join the workforce and keep learning in just 9 or 24 weeks. So how do we do it? Through our carefully designed coursework that begins with prework, of course! 

FAQs: prework 

No one wants to get work before their course even begins, we totally understand. But you’re about to embark on a completely life changing journey and the amount of information you’ll be asked to learn and retain is massive. And it will happen in a short period of time; if you take one of our full-time courses, you’ll have just 9 weeks and 24 weeks in our part-time course. This is why we assign prework. 

How will I learn on my own?! 

You don’t have to! Your bootcamp prework is carefully designed by our expert teachers to provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to hit the ground running on day one. And if you get stuck, you’ll have access to your class’ Slack channel, where you can contact your teacher, your TA, and fellow classmates. 

Is the prework hard?

Nothing at Ironhack is easy; however, hard doesn’t mean impossible. You’re preparing for a complete reskill and that means that it will be challenging yet doable. Coming into the prework with the right mindset will go a long way; try to maintain a positive attitude at all times. 

I signed up for a 9/24 week bootcamp - not prework. Why is there work before the bootcamp even begins? 

Our Ironhackers come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and with no prior instruction, day one could be a bit of a mess. But with our prework, everyone will have access to the same information and content, ensuring everyone is ready to begin the bootcamp. 

How much time do I have to complete the prework? What if I can’t finish? 

If you’re studying our Web Development, Data Analysis, or UX/UI Design Bootcamps, you’ll have access to the prework as soon as you’re enrolled; our Cybersecurity Bootcamp students will receive access around 20 days before the start date. Depending on when you enroll, your prework will be due to one week before classes begin (to give your teacher time to correct it) or up to 72 hours before classes start. 

Each task will show a recommended amount of time to dedicate to it and you should try to stay within that range, but no worries if you need more time. Some modules will take you longer if you’re new to tech and that’s totally fine; take your time and ensure you understand the information. 

If you can’t finish a task or module for whatever reason, there’s no penalty. But we highly recommend doing your absolute best to complete all tasks so that you’re fully prepared for the bootcamp. 

Pre-Bootcamp: Things to Do

Apart from the prework, there are other things you can do to get ready for the bootcamp. As you know by now, your weeks will be full of new information, labs, assignments, and projects and you won’t have too much free time. And if you haven’t studied in a few years, the return to school may be especially challenging. Take a look at our tips and tricks for preparing for your bootcamp before it even begins: 

  • Be realistic with plans/commitments: if you coach your kid’s soccer team twice a week and are expected to be at games on Saturday mornings, you may find that valuable study time is being spent with rambunctious six year olds. It’s completely normal to have to step back during your bootcamp to give it the attention it deserves. 

  • Plan your time: not all of our bootcamps observe local holidays and if you have a trip planned and have to miss a day of class, you’ll be missing a lot of important information; in addition, our bootcamps do require a good amount of work outside of class as well, so weekend trips may not be possible. This is especially relevant for our remote courses, which may have different holiday schedules than where you’re located. 

  • Learn how you’re the most productive: if you need a daily dose of endorphins and a six mile run to be productive or, on the other hand, find it hard to wake up in the morning after an intense night time workout, this could affect your productivity in the bootcamp. Similarly, if you require 8 hours of sleep but are only able to get 6 due to social plans or other obligations, your learning might be affected. Use the time leading up to the bootcamp to make sure you’re preparing your body and mind for the challenge ahead. 

  • Help yourself out: set yourself up for success and help yourself. Get your grocery shopping done before class begins and set up a nice study space at home to continue your work at home. If you have a favorite coffee flavor or snack that you think you’ll crave during the day, stock up! Whatever you can do to make your life easier during the bootcamp will help you succeed. 

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well-suited for success in any of our bootcamps and, trust us, you’ll be happy you listened to us! If you haven’t yet, submit your application today and get closer to your dream tech career. 

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