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25 October 2022 - 6 minutes

When Work Becomes a Nightmare: Knowing When to Quit

Not all jobs are created equal, and there's no shame in leaving ones that aren't right for you...

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Every job is different and sometimes you realize that your current job just isn’t the right fit for you. If every day feels like you’re working at the Office on Haunted Hill it may be time to quit, and that’s okay! Going out into the great unknown is scary enough so how do you know when it’s time to Get Out? Here are some things to consider so you make the right decision… or escape plan. 

How to Know When It's Time to Quit Your Job:

When something isn’t right at work, you know. There may be signs all around you but it’s easy to miss one when you’re focusing on deadlines, meetings, and answering emails. Here are some of the warning signs and, in some cases, glaring red flags to help you trust your gut and pack your bags. 

There's no room for growth

When you start a new job everything is fangtastic! There are training sessions, meeting new coworkers, working with new technology/projects, etc. Learning the ropes keeps you busy, It’s a relief when the turmoil dies down and you can focus on work. That is unless you don’t get proper training and have to figure things out on your own, there’s no mentorship to encourage you, you’re disconnected from management (especially in a virtual office), and the work never changes from day to day. After a while of doing the same tasks repeatedly, you’ll get chills (careful, they’re multiplying!) down your spine once you realize that you’re stuck in a loop and everyone in the company is going places ...except you. 

There’s no room for mistakes

They say it’s a dog-eat-dog world but that’s not always a selling point when it comes to the workplace. Forget about trial and error, environments like this are unforgiving and if you have trouble keeping up, you may feel the need to hide it. It’s demotivational enough to work in a place that tears you apart for a mistake but on top of that, you’ll have to watch out for colleagues who will gladly throw you to the wolves to save their own skins. The only way to lift your spirits is to pack your bags and hightail out of there!

When you're not excited about the mission

Most times when you join a company it’s because their values align with yours. Something about the company mission drew you in and made you excited to work there. Unfortunately sometimes once you get a foot in the door, you realized those promises were just a bag of tricks and treats. Or perhaps you learned that not everyone seems to practice what they preach. If you and your company lose common ground it’ll be much harder to find the motivation to work on projects and meet your goals. Sometimes work is hard and stressful enough. Do you really want to spend your time and dedication on a mission you don’t believe in?

You're not aligned with leadership

This one isn’t a one size fits all situation, there are a few reasons why you may not feel comfortable with your superiors. Perhaps your company is going in a different direction and you’re not in line with their new values. Maybe you have difficulty with how your supervisors handle conflict or you don’t agree with their problem-solving strategies.  These conflicts rarely end well, so if the broom fits - ride it out of there and don't look back!

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The culture doesn't suit you

Some companies like to have a workplace environment that reflects their philosophy but it can also send a message: “Come as you aren’t.” With startup chaos, boys' clubs, and tech bros running rampant, you might feel left out when you realize that you and your coworkers aren’t on the same page. The corporate grind is a thing of legend but let’s creep it real, it’s not for everyone. If the company motto is “Go hard or Go Home” and the latter option excites you, that’s a good sign to follow your instincts and head for the exit. 

There’s no work-life balance

It starts slowly: You’re asked to stay late to help the team catch up with work or meet a deadline. The next time, you get an assignment five minutes before quitting time and end up staying an hour or two. Your work day goes from eight hours to twelve, you’re going in on weekends, and holidays are a thing of the past. After a while you find yourself canceling plans, medical appointments, etc. to stay late or just assuming you’ll work extra hours and adjusting your life accordingly. Congratulations, you now live at work. If your supervisors like to burn the candle at both ends, they will expect the same from their team. Some managers expect you to be on call at all times, sending emails and Teams messages at all hours or on weekends. When your life takes a back seat to your job, it’s time to make like Jack (Skellington) and hit the road!

You feel unappreciated

There are numerous reasons why you may be uncomfortable at work. Sometimes it may seem that your job doesn’t take you seriously. Perhaps your bosses are playing favorites, assigning better projects to your coworkers while you grow cobwebs at your desk. You spend a lot of time on busy work and unproductive tasks while your superiors constantly monitor your every move, even when working remotely. Maybe there’s the feeling that your ideas/feedback aren’t actually welcome and you’re annoying the ones in charge. If you find that you’re holding your tongue more than contributing useful ideas, it’s time to move on to a company that makes you feel valued and heard. 

You're ready for change

While all of these are valid reasons to leave your job they may not apply to you. Everyone has their reasons but maybe your reason isn’t so cut and dry. Sometimes there’s just a feeling in your bones that says: you need to leave. Intuition is important so if you’re haunted by the urge to fly away, listen to what your spirit tells you.

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