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October 9, 2022 - 7 minutes

The 'What Ifs' Of Tech Bootcamps

Worried about starting a bootcamp and regretting it? This post answers your biggest fears surrounding bootcamps.

Frida Chacin Kulak - Tech Writer


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If you’re reading this, you’re probably already considering doing a tech bootcamp. Tech ranks at the top of both the fastest growing sectors AND the best paid ones, so it makes total sense that you would consider starting a career in it, or pivoting from your current job. Or not, because turning your entire life upside down sounds absolutely terrifying! So many things could go wrong! But would they, though?

Not all of your fears regarding bootcamps are as likely to haunt you as you might think, and we’re here to shine a light on your worst worries and zap them away with facts!

What a Tech Bootcamp Is… and Isn’t!

If you’re not sure whether a bootcamp is the right option for you, odds are you can find your answers if you dig into it and do your research. Many of the doubts that plague prospective bootcamp students are related to the flexibility before and throughout the process: can I pay in instalments? Will I get help afterwards, or just a diploma and a wave goodbye? If I slip during the course, or crack from the pressure, will someone be there to help me get back on my feet?

The answers to most of these questions are kinder than you think. We won’t sugarcoat it: yes, a bootcamp is the most intense type of tech training out there— and yes, you will work your ass off! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! You can read some of our alumni stories to find out exactly how and why a bootcamp is ‘intensive’, and figure out how much is too much.

First and foremost, you must know that you won’t be alone through the process: our priority is that you make it out alive, well, and employed! Because, after a bootcamp, it’s a given that you will have the in-demand tech skills to get the job you always wanted in tech!

We don’t want you to start a bootcamp if you’re not completely sure that it’s what you want and what you need, tailored for you. And you can easily find out whether that’s the case: the information is out there— we’ve talked about this a lot (really, a lot); and admissions counsellors are always ready to answer each and every question.

But if you’re afraid that you might regret starting a bootcamp, we’ve saved you a lot of trouble and effort, and done the research for you: read on!

Are These ‘What Ifs’ Keeping You Up at Night?

Like with every significant life choice, you might feel apprehensive at the idea of starting a tech bootcamp, unsure about whether it’ll go well… or terribly wrong! Stop and think: are any of these very common fears getting in your way?

“What if I can't afford it?”

You might be worried about the cost of a bootcamp! ‘Am I digging my own grave by paying for this?’, you wonder. But a bootcamp is not necessarily a huge upfront investment. Like many other educational, specialised paths (think university!), most if not all bootcamps offer different types of financing options, often tailored to your income and particular needs; and bootcamp admissions teams will help you seek out a solution that works for you, too.

When considering whether to invest in a bootcamp, the question you have to answer is this: is the value I will get out of this course worth the cost? Think about what you want to do when you achieve your objective, and how this bootcamp fits into your career goals. Bootcamp alumni who wanted to start a career in tech, pivot to one, or increase their job responsibilities (and pay!) usually achieve this goal!

“What if I struggle to manage my time?”

Bootcamps are intensive courses, and, therefore, require great time management skills and organisation, especially if you’re working or studying something else at the same time. So naturally, you might be afraid to not be up for the challenge, and end up dead on your feet with an unfinished bootcamp.

We can never say it enough: ask about it! Before you sign up for a bootcamp, counsellors should be able to dispel all of your worries. You wouldn’t be the first one to struggle with time management— bootcamps always have measures in place to help out students who are having a hard time. It’s supposed to be intense, yes, but not an ordeal! Ask for what you need, and you will get help: guaranteed.

“What if I can't keep up, and fail?”

A bootcamp isn’t like a shooting game at the fair— oops, you missed, try again from the start! From the syllabus to the personalised attention, bootcamps are purposefully designed for you to thrive, passing assignments with flying colours and learning practical skills for good. So if you find it difficult to keep up, you won’t be left behind: you will get the help you need.

To ensure this, bootcamps are designed to be beginner-friendly, to give everyone enough time to acquire tech expertise without knowledge gaps. You will be surrounded by a very supportive working environment, wired to help you succeed: from your fellow students to your tutors and counsellors, everyone will help you if you struggle. An Ironhack bootcamp is not a lonely experience: we take pride in our sense of community, and our unwavering support to each other.

“What if I don't enjoy it?”

There are two reasons why you might not enjoy a tech bootcamp: because of the ‘tech’ part, or because of the ‘bootcamp’ part. 

If you don’t see yourself working in tech, doing a tech bootcamp probably sounds like a bad idea. But what do you picture when you think ‘tech’? If you’re thinking of that scene from Matrix with the green code trickling down the screen, we have news for you: tech is so, so much more! Before you completely discard the idea of working in tech, take a look into the different areas and roles within it: there are jobs for coders, analysts, and even artists!

You might not like the experience of an intensive bootcamp. And that’s perfectly fine! Not everyone is suited for it: some of us find it too stressful, and you shouldn’t feel inadequate if you end up deciding that you want to take it slow. And, luckily, there are options for you, too! You don’t even have to look at other types of courses: bootcamps themselves often offer a part-time option, so you can get your tech skills… the chill way!

“What if I don't get a job afterwards?”

Afraid you will end up dead in the water after finishing the bootcamp, staring at your shiny diploma, but still unemployed and without prospects? It sure is spooky to think of getting an education for nothing, which is why we don’t let that happen to Ironhackers!

Just take a look at our Career Services: from career events to personalised aid, when you finish your bootcamp, we bridge the gap from graduate to professional with career support, job-seeking know-how, and a dedicated community— dedicated to getting you the career you want.

What Is It Like to Be a Bootcamp Alumnus?

Bootcamp students are being increasingly hired by top tech companies, and it’s no wonder! For the longest time, recruiters had to choose between university graduates (with extensive theoretical knowledge but sometimes lacking in their practical sense and abilities) and self-taught talent (with hands-on experience and instinct, but superficial, software/language-dependent skills): as it turns out, bootcamp grads are the perfect middle ground between the two, with a skill set designed to be practical, and hitting the ground running with real projects before even finishing the bootcamp. You won’t face a shortage of interested recruiters, that’s for sure!

Tech bootcamps are designed to be flexible to their core, taking in students of all ages, origins and backgrounds— and the results are just as diverse! Just take a look at some of our alumni stories, or the professionals we interview on Ironhack Podcast: with a bootcamp, you can do just about anything. 

The one common thing our alumni all tell from their post-bootcamp experience: they work in a field with rapid growth and guaranteed longevity, with their value as professionals steadily increasing in a short time!

Fears banished and mind at ease, is a tech bootcamp starting to look like THE killer move to turn your life around and start the career of your dreams? Check out our bootcamps!

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