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October 28, 2023 - 7 minutes

Tech Skills to Learn in 2024

Not sure what to learn to advance your career in 2024? We’ve got you covered.

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The new year is quickly approaching and before you know it, we’ll be thinking about what we can do to prepare for 2025 and beyond. But for now, it’s important to keep 2024 on the forefront of your mind and think about what you can do to ensure 2024 is your best professional year yet. 

Planning into the future can be daunting; after all, how can you know what will be in demand a year from now, or even a few months from now? No matter what your goals are, knowing what’s in store for 2024 will help you shape your plans and create a quality plan.

To get started, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What do I want to achieve in the new year? 

  • Is there anything in my current role that I could improve upon? 

  • Do I want to move into a different role? 

  • What new tools should I learn?

The answers to these questions will help highlight areas for improvement, showing you where to take the first steps. But don’t worry: this isn’t the only way to ensure you’re ready to tackle the new year; we’ve created this guide of the top tech skills to learn in 2024 so that you can take a look at the latest tech trends and make the best choice for you. 

Before we get right to the good stuff, however, let’s review the beauty of the tech industry and why staying up to date with the latest skills is so important. 

Is Tech Really Moving This Fast?

The simple answer is yes, it is. And that’s the beauty of the industry; there’s always something new to learn or review and fascinating and innovative methods can help both you get better at your job and improve society as a whole. It might seem like a pain; after all, who wants to spend more time learning after you’ve already completed your education?! Here’s another simple answer: tech professionals! And here’s why: 

  • Tech is evolving at a dizzying pace: tech is evolving rapidly and it’s nearly impossible for university programs to keep up with recent needs and teach students what they need to know to land a job in tech; the fast speed of tech’s advancements means current tech professionals are best equipped to update their tech knowledge with new tools.

  • There’s incredible room for growth in tech: as the pool of candidates with the in-demand tech skills remains quite limited, your room for growth as a tech professional will be practically limitless if you take the time to enhance your tech knowledge.

  • We’re learning more every single day: the tech tools we already have are becoming increasingly more powerful, thanks to expansions in how much data we’re able to collect, among other reasons. With all this new knowledge, we’re able to identify new areas for improvement. 

Why should I stay up to date with new trends in technology?

If you’re confident with your current skill set, that’s fantastic news! But even if you think you’ve learned everything you need to know, remember that the tech industry is evolving and changing rapidly and what you know today might not be needed tomorrow; the more tools you have under your belt, the more valuable your candidacy will be for future jobs. 

When deciding to keep up with new trends in tech, consider that: 

  • The vast majority of advances in tech serve to make your life easier, not complicate it, and permit you to benefit in your current role. For example, a new technology may be able to automate the tedious tasks you’re responsible for and free up more of your time for the good stuff that really requires your brainpower. 

  • In addition to making your life easier, tech tools can lead to better decision making, thanks to their ability to analyze large amounts of data and identify trends, something that would be impossible for humans, which then leads to overall better business.

  • The more you know, the more job security you’ll enjoy. Knowing which tools are emerging as major players in the market and which are no longer relevant can help you tailor your resume and portfolio for new job opportunities and present yourself as a quality and in-the-know candidate. 

Top Tech Skills to Learn in 2024

With a clear answer as to why keeping up to date with the latest tech developments is so crucial, it’s time to dive right into the top skills to learn in 2024. You still have a bit of time to master them, but make sure you prioritize your continuous education–it’s so important! 


You’ve heard how amazing artificial intelligence is and how it has made a lot of things easier, helped us process large amounts of data and automate tedious tasks. But as artificial intelligence tools become more adept at imitating human actions and texts, cybersecurity threats such as phishing and malware attempts are also becoming more advanced, leading to even more concerns about protecting users from cyber threats. 

Cyber professionals who are skilled in identifying malicious artificial intelligence attacks will play a prominent role in 2024. 

Natural language processing 

AI tools that can imitate the way a human speaks or responds to prompts has long been a goal of AI engineers; we’re finally getting closer to this being a reality with the introduction of tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard. As more and more companies, especially those with clients such as healthcare companies or financial institutions, rely on artificial intelligence tools to communicate with customers, professionals skilled in natural language processing will become even more in-demand. 

Data analysis

The best decisions are backed by data and when we prioritize data in our decision making process, we’ll see significant improvements in all areas of business. And while you might think that there are little advances to be had when it comes to data, you’re mistaken: as more tools emerge that can handle and properly sort and track large amounts of data, professionals who know how to later understand and present this data, in addition to handling these AI tools, will grow in demand. 


Another rapidly growing field is DevOps, which focuses on managing the rapidly growing tech teams to ensure that they process properly. The principle of DevOps is simple: the DevOps professional is tasked with overseeing the project flow and guaranteeing the final project deadline is met through periodic check-ins and close observation. This may seem like a role that falls outside of tech knowledge, but it actually means the opposite: DevOps professionals must know how each specific tech role operates to properly manage the team, ensuring that every team member is meeting deadlines and delivering their projects correctly. 

As the teams working on tech projects continue to expand, more and more companies will choose to follow DevOps principles for their project management. 

How to Learn New Tech Skills

You know your next tech skill is right around the corner, but how can you actually master it and ensure that you’re prepared to land a new job or promotion in 2024? Take a look: 

  • Find an expert and learn from them: no, we don’t mean you should message a random person on LinkedIn and ask them to mentor you out of the blue! On the contrary, find someone who’s skilled in the area you want to improve in either at your current role or in your class (an instructor or TA would be a great option!) and learn from them, observing how they carry out their responsibilities and grow day to day. 

  • Try a bootcamp or online course: if you’re interested in learning a specific skill that’s a bit separate from what you work in or have studied, a bootcamp or quick online course could be a great way to gain valuable knowledge and become job-ready in just a few months. Do your research and be honest with how much time and effort you can commit to a course before you sign up, ensuring you make the most of it. 

  • Teach yourself: there are tons of resources out there, from books and online communities to YouTube videos that walk you through the basics of certain tools; find the learning method that’s best for you and stick to it–you can definitely learn on your own! 

The idea of learning a new skill can be daunting, especially in a field like technology where it seems like a new tool is released daily and you’re constantly playing catch up. But that’s the beauty of the field: you’ll never be bored and always improving and advancing, enhancing your abilities as a tech professional. 

If you’re ready to take the next steps towards advancing your tech knowledge, you’re in the right place. Our bootcamp syllabi are created with the tech job market in mind, ensuring you’re learning exactly what employers are looking for and you leave the course ready to join the job market. Choose from courses in web development, UX/UI design, data analytics, and cybersecurity and let tech sweep you away: the future of tech is so bright. 

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