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December 13, 2021

How to associate games with learning JavaScript?

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Learning any skill takes practice, time and dedication. When we talk about programming, we believe that we don't have to follow the traditional, boring and highly technical path.

Let's start with the JavaScript language, which is most likely used to build browser applications. Nowadays, it is also used for backend applications (the active part of applications), but it remains the first choice when creating simple institutional websites or complex web applications.

There are several ways to practice the acquired knowledge of JavaScript. The most obvious way is to create a simple web application, a portfolio website, a resume or perhaps the classic application to manage everyday tasks; those are the most common examples.

How can we make the learning process more dynamic, especially for those who want to learn to program without a technological background?

As a Web Development teacher, one of my goals is to simplify and streamline the JavaScript learning process, and I believe that we only learn by applying all the knowledge in practice. In the first module of the Web Development Bootcamp, we start with a project developed 100% by the students. This project consists of creating a game where students can conceptualize, develop, and make public on the web a game made by themselves in 3 weeks!

The knowledge they gather in the first module gives them access to the tools necessary to create game dynamics, which allow them to replicate platforms, collisions, gravity, speed and dynamic rendering of images, always using JavaScript.

​​Since 2019, the start date of the Bootcamp in Lisbon, we have already witnessed the creation of strategy, RPG, adventure, platform, and many more games. We chose game development instead of the typical web application because this method gives a playful aspect to the project development and substantially increases its complexity. Making a game from scratch is not easy, but we believe that by exposing students to this challenge, they develop their skills much more. It is always gratifying to see the students creativity and innovative ideas at the end of each first module. After the presentations, we usually get together to play the games played by the students, which brings a practical and immediate purpose to the project.



Learning JavaScript with games is possible at Ironhack

Learning to program doesn't have to be practised through something the industry has seen time and time again. I believe in educational innovation and how technical skills combined with creativity can create a considerable boost in learning and acquiring technical skills. This is how people with or without training in the area can enter the job market as web developers much more quickly with the methodology of learning by doing.

As you can see, learning to program from scratch in just three weeks is possible! Are you ready to learn JavaScript by creating your own game? Check out our Web Development Bootcamp and apply now!

Miguel Braga, Lead Teacher Web Development Ironhack

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