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1 June 2020

Top 5 Places To Work for Digital Nomads

Flexibility is one of the main reasons Digital Nomads choose this path. Flexibility in the missions they work on, in their working hours, and of course in the place they get to work at! Digital Nomads, usually (but not always) freelancers, are challenging the old-school concept of being an employee by making job, travel and freedom work together. 

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Wi-Fi and a Computer, that’s all a Digital Nomad needs to work from the most beautiful Indonesian beaches or the most hyped cafés in Manhattan. Many of Ironhack alumni, after getting trained in Web Development, UX/UI Design or Data Analytics, have adopted this way of life. We asked them what were their favorite places to work at in the entire world. Here are their 5 favorite destinations that you should consider in 2019:

#5 Playa del Carmen | Mexico

From Mexico was one of the very first countries to be considered an oasis for Digital Noamds, and for a few valid reasons: their proximity to the U.S., the low cost of living, and last but not least its sublime beaches. Playa del Carmen is just South of Cancun, so if you need to head back to handle an emergency with a client, you’re juste  few minutes away from the airport yet far enough to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.
The best place to work at in Playa del Carmen: Nest Coworking. Ideally located downtown on 10th Avenue, Nest Coworking was really built for the needs of Digital Nomads. Oh and it’s 1 minute away from the beach so you can definitely go swimming in between phone calls.
IroNomad Score: 7.5/10

#4 Nemi | Italy

Nemi is a small village hanging on the edge of a cliff, just South of Rome, and with an amazing view on lake Nemi. Calm and simply gorgeous, this village is less known by Digital Nomads (and maybe that’s a good thing). Rome is only a couple of hours away from most European capitals and tech hubs, and Nemi holds all the advantages a Digital Nomad seeks for when selecting a destination.
The best place to work at in Nemi: Specchio di Dana. Grab your computer and just sit outside on the terrace. Their performing Wi-Fi connexion and amazing view should be enough to satisfy your needs. Though if you need more convincing : the Spritz is pretty damn delicious as well.
IroNomad Score : 8/10

#3 Canggu, Bali | Indonesia

We had to include Bali in our selection, simply because you would not have trusted anything we say if we didn’t. Yet it’s true that Bali has something for every person who lays foot on the mythical Indonesian island. Whether you like surfing, yoga, food, party or simply enjoying the good vibes, Canggu is simply ideal. You can rent a studio for around 300€/month and eat for 2€, and enjoy living by the beach in one of the most beautiful places. Bali, what else?
The best place to work at in Canggu: Echo Beach Restaurant. Take your computer out to enjoy this wonderful house on stilts with typical Balinese food while building the next top-trending Product Hunt product.
IroNomad Score : 8.5/10

#2 Ljubljana | Slovenia

No you did not misread that, we are definitely talking about Slovenia. One might not think of this as a top-tier destination for Digital Nomads, and one would be wrong. Slovenia has amazing and varied scenery. Want to go skiing? Slovenia’s got you covered. Want to go swimming? Slovenia’s got quite a large border with the Adriatic sea. Want to go relax at a spa? Slovenia’s got amazing watersprings. The only hard thing is to find the time to work between all those activities. In Ljubljana, the capital, the cost of living is very reasonable, at about 2,5€/beer and less than 10€ for a complete meal.
The best place to work at in Ljubljana: Poligon. For 95€/month, you get unlimited access to this great co-working space (including meeting rooms) where you can engage with facinating people from Slovenia and the rest of the world.
IroNomad Score : 9/10

#1 Santa Teresa | Costa Rica

The charming ambiance of this little town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica has no equal. Hundreds of surfers head for the waves every day of the week, join them or just close your eyes and listen to the birds singing. Open them and you’ll see miles of white sand and not too many tourists. Did you know Costa Rica hasn’t had an army since 1945 and invested all that budget into the preservation of their environment? At Ironhack, we believe this is the way to go and Santa Teresa is probably the place to be for all Digital Nomads.
The place to work at in Santa Teresa: Zwart Café. Located on the town’s main road, this café, which is also where the owner-artist works, offers delicious fresh meals all day long. Made of white wood and located about 1 minute away from the beach, this is definitely the best place for Digital Nomads looking to escape.
IroNomad Score : 9.5/10

Do you know of any other amazing places for Digital Nomads to work in? Let us know! And if you’re dreaming of becoming a Digital Nomad yourself, check out our Web Development, UX/UI, and Data analytics Bootcamps on our website.

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