Boost your career with a Data Analytics bootcamp

Join our Data Analytics immersive bootcamp and get the hands-on skills you need to land a job in the growing tech industry. Learn Python, SQL, Tableau, and statistics to be part of any company's workforce and become a Data Analyst in just 9 weeks full time or 24 weeks part time without any previous IT background.

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Your path to a new career in data


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Data prework: Before the course

Data prework: Before the course

Dive into the world of data

Once you become an official Ironhack Data analytics student, you will be given 60 hours of online learning material focusing on command line, Git, Python, MySQL, and statistical analysis. To get you ready for learning Data analytics, this essential prework will familiarize you with the basics of programming and statistics necessary for the bootcamp. Although you will learn these topics remotely before you arrive at your chosen campus, you won’t be far away from the resources of the Ironhack community. Make use of our Slack channel to connect with your peers and get help from expert academic staff. At the end of your prework, you’ll be ready for the fast pace on campus!

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Who is our Data analytics bootcamp for?

Recent graduates

Need to enrich your resume with hard-hitting projects? Trying to develop real-world skills that are valued in the data industry? Our bootcamp will help you secure your spot in the data industry.

Career changers

Has your career hit a bottleneck? Switch to the data world! Every single industry is beginning to incorporate Data Analytics — now is the moment for you to leverage your current expertise and evolve your career! Enter the data industry with this course, which has been specifically designed to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills.

Career boosters

Looking to break away from the pack? Read into the secret knowledge of analytics by developing cross-disciplinary expertise in data. With this course, not only can you propel your career forward, you can also take it in a new direction.


Discover how data can give your company that extra edge against the competition in a world that’s accelerating every minute. This course offers you a deep understanding of the current data tech and practices that’ll be essential to growing your company.

Why should you learn Data analytics?

Be on the cutting-edge

Join one of the hottest industries in the market today. Data is taking over decision-making in all areas of industry, business, science and even government. The ability to obtain and analyze data will put you in the right spot to perform at the forefront of innovation.

Data drives decisions

It’s about more than just collecting and analyzing data. You also need to know how to extract and share insights to make more informed decisions. You will learn how to explain your findings clearly and compellingly for diverse audiences.

Real data, hard skills

By combining programming and mathematics, you can rigorously analyze large quantities of data to solve real-world problems. Your skills in Python, SQL and Tableau will set you apart.

FAQs about the Data Analytics course

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