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December 19, 2022 - 5 minutes

Become a Data Analyst in 2023

Data analysts are becoming a must-have in practically any company. Are you up for the challenge? 

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer

Today we’re introducing another one of those popular careers in tech: data analytics. And although it may sound fancy and complicated, we all actually do data analytics every single day in our own lives. How? Defined as the process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to learn information for decision-making, data analysis is a lot more common than you might think.

Here’s an example: you’re trying to decide where to go for dinner on Friday night. You have memories (data) of past times you went out to dinner, such as the time, restaurant, and food selection. As you make your decision, you’ll use your memories of previous experiences to make an informed choice. 

Why Data Analytics? 

No matter the goal, size, or sector, every company has a need for data analysts to extract those valuable insights. In order to improve your business processes, you have to have a clear picture of the past in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes and connect further with your target audience. 

Types of data analytics: 

  • Text: used to transform large amounts of data into valuable information, helping to extract important points. 

  • Statistical: takes a sample selection of data to draw conclusions.

  • Diagnostic: answers the question, “Why did it happen?” through researching data patterns.

  • Predictive: predicts what is likely to happen in the future using past data as reference.

  • Prescriptive: using all the insights from these previous analyses, smart decisions are made. 

Benefits of data analytics

There are five main benefits of data analytics for businesses. Take a look: 

  1. Customer experience personalization

  2. Better and informed decision making

  3. Organized operations 

  4. Reduced risk and mistakes 

  5. Improved security 

With these five highlights, data analytics is a sector that’s on the rise and essential for all companies. And that’s why data analysts are in such high demand. 

What Do Data Analysts Do? 

As you might have guessed, data analysts take a company’s data and analyze it, looking to draw conclusions to help the business avoid past mistakes and improve. Some data analysts then report their findings to leadership or other teams; others simply clean up the data and make it understandable. 

A quick breakdown of data analysts’ responsibilities would be the following: identify the data you want to analyze, collect the data, clean the data, analyze the data, interpret the results. Sounds simple, right?

It is a rather straightforward line of work and one that’s on the rise: the World Economic Forum ranked it as the #2 fastest growing jobs in the US, with 25% growth before 2030. 

Career Options in Data Analytics

Data analysis is such a crucial part of practically any business that this field is wide open. However, most data analysts tend to follow one of these four career paths: 

  • Data scientist: working as a data scientist will help you gain highly valued experience with data, learning more programming skills, machine learning basics, and advanced math. 

  • Management: if you’re more interested in the data interpretation side of things, looking for a role in management could be perfect for you. In this role, you’ll be responsible for interpreting the data in useful ways for the company and presenting findings to different teams. 

  • Specialist: once you have data analyst experience under your belt, you’ll know exactly what you like and might choose to specialize in a specific area, such as business, operations, marketing, systems, or finance.  

  • Consultant: experience in the field will also allow you to work as a consultant for a wide range of clients, allowing you to diversify the areas in which you work and creating a more flexible work schedule. 

Data Analytics with Ironhack 

Choose from a full or part-time bootcamp with Ironhack to kickstart your career in data analytics. Learn from industry experts - with no previous knowledge required! 

Module 0 

Data prework 

Before the bootcamp even begins, you’ll receive 60 hours of online work to study the basics of command line, Git, Python, MySQL, and statistical analysis. It might seem overwhelming, but you’ll have the rest of your class and Ironhack’s staff ready to help you when you need it. 

Module 1 

Introduction to data analytics and Python

Ready to jump into data analytics? During the first few weeks of the bootcamp, you’ll set up your development environment and review your online prework and start working with data cleaning, APIs, web scraping and learning the basic skills of Git, SQL, and Python.

Module 2 

Advanced data analytics 

The second module is more math-intensive with a focus on statistics, probability, and the mathematical concepts behind data analytics with the help of Python. And you’ll also learn presenting techniques before starting your very own data analysis project, where you will process, clean, and present your data. 

Module 3

Get a handle of the fundamentals of machine learning 

This module will mainly focus on the basics of machine learning, teaching you how to build a machine learning project from beginning to end, make predictions on actual data sets, and prepare you to work with real life data. Your final project will consist of building your own data set, defending it, and presenting it to the class. But that’s not all! This project will be the basis for your professional portfolio, a necessary part of any application for data analysis roles. 

What to expect from Ironhack’s Data Analytics bootcamp:

Access to the cutting-edge…

  • Data is taking center stage in a wide range of industries and the skills from this bootcamp will set you on the path to success.

…while gaining real data experience and hard skills…

  • Becoming fluent in Python, SQL, and Tableau will set you apart from the competition.

…and seeing how data drives decisions. 

  • Beyond simply extracting data, you have to know how to use it. And at Ironhack, you’ll learn how to explain it to diverse audiences. 

Why Choose Ironhack? 

Ironhack’s bootcamps are specifically designed to get you ready for a career in data analytics with intensive and practical training. And that’s not all: Ironhack also offers financing options, career services, and a robust alumni network

Are you ready to change your life and enroll in Ironhack’s data analytics bootcamp today? Apply now.

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