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February 19, 2024 - 5 minutes

New Year's Resolutions for Data Analysts in 2024

New Year's Resolutions for Data Analysts in 2024

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer

Whether you’re looking to further your data analyst career or jump into the sector this year, 2024 has a lot to offer. As the world bounces back from the pandemic and businesses throw themselves full fledged into what data analytics can do for them, now’s the time to hone your skills and make yourself the best possible analyst you can be.

Data Analytics in 2024

In 2024, we can expect to see the following trends revolutionize the data analytics sector:

  • An increased focus on customer experience will place an important spotlight on design and analysis.

  • More and more digital workloads will be on cloud-native platforms.

  • Single dashboards that consolidate valuable information will become more popular.

  • A heightened priority placed on privacy and data protection will mean companies work harder to secure customer data.

  • Companies will invest heavily in data–data is how good decisions are made.

New Year’s Resolutions for Data Analysts 

If you’re looking to transform your data analytics career this year, there’s never been a better time. Check out these 10 ideas: 

Focus on data ethics 

Between major data breaches and increasingly strict regulations, data ethics is key for any company looking to use client data. To achieve transparency with data, companies need to clearly and explicitly explain their policies to clients and train all employees (not just data analysts!) in the proper handling of data to avoid any problems.

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but the last thing you want is to come across as untrustworthy. If clients are ensured a safe and transparent experience while entering their data on your site or app, they’ll be more likely to revisit and become loyal users. 

Update your resume 

You might have the job of your dreams, but data analytics is one of the world’s most fast moving industries, especially as we can do more and more with data. Even if you’re happy with where you are, take a look at your resume. Is there anything you can do to update it? Can you add more skills to your resume or is there any market need that you’re lacking? 

Taking a peek at your resume now can help you prepare for any opportunities that come your way in 2023. 

Create a network

One of the best aspects of being part of such an incredibly fast-moving industry is the vast amount of connections you can make. Data analysis isn’t limited to just a few sectors; every single company needs to analyze their data. Use LinkedIn, conferences, local or online meet-ups, or online communities to take advantage of every opportunity. 

Learn about AI 

Artificial Intelligence is evolving hand in hand with data analytics, letting us do even more with data. But it can be tough to use correctly; that is, to use correctly to get a benefit out of it. In the last year alone, new AI techniques have allowed us to handle small data sets, in addition to large ones, which can change how we use our data. 

Learn a new data analytic tool 

It can be tempting to stick with what you know, but expanding your skillset can help you not only become a better data analyst, but also become a candidate for more and more jobs. Check these out:

  • Tableau: this tool is great for analyzing, manipulating, and visualizing data

  • Microsoft Office: you probably already know Word and PowerPoint, but try learning tricks in Excel to really transform your data

  • Google Analytics: track website traffic with this web tool 

Embrace data democratization 

The days of data being just for data analysts to look at are far behind us: data is so crucial that the entire organization must know how to use it to their advantage. And because data is now at the center of every possible project, data needs to be widely accepted in any company. Companies that properly train and educate all their employees on what data is, how to read it, and how to interpret it will quickly see a major difference. 

Pursue personal or freelance projects 

It can be hard to get experience in data analytics and you may feel like there’s no way to get your feet in the door at your dream job. And in 2023, it’s on you to create your own experience. Try to look at your own computer or phone data to interpret some of its results or offer freelance services to local companies. This will help you get real-world experience in a less stressful environment. 

Learn different kinds of skills for data analysis

Data analysts need a wide range of skills beyond just programs–have you thought about some of the technical skills that are in high demand with data analysts? Here’s a few: 

  • Data cleaning and visualization

  • Matlab

  • R

  • Python

  • SQL & NoSQL

  • Machine learning

  • Algebra and calculus 

And data analysts also need some soft skills: 

  • Problem solving 

  • Visualization

  • Analytical thinking

  • Communication 

Review your NLP knowledge 

Data is key, we know this. But if your computer is spitting out unintelligible data, it doesn’t help you. Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is how computers and humans interact and how to use computers to fully understand human interactions and the information that comes from them. In 2024, NLP techniques will become even more powerful as we hone their capabilities to get more information from the data. 

Find a mentor 

There’s nothing better than learning from an expert and we have a secret–we don’t just mean learning about interpreting data! Finding a mentor in the data analytics industry can help you significantly; you can learn about the current market, the interview process, up-and-coming skills, industry trends, and much more. 

And if you can find a mentor in your desired industry, that’s even better! 

Is data analytics in your future in 2024? Whether you’re just starting out or are an expert in the field, our Data Analytics Bootcamp and subsequent career assistance can set you on the right path. 

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