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January 23, 2024 - 5 mins

A Job Seeker’s Guide to the Tech Industry in Germany 2024

Unlock the secrets to a thriving career in the dynamic tech industry in Germany. Discover high-demand skills, top industries, and emerging trends.

Luana Ungaro - Ironhack Berlin


In 2024, the tech industry in Germany is expected to speed up its growth. New job opportunities, startup investment, and industries outside of tech embracing tech’s disruptive power will all contribute to a bright 2024 for German tech workers. 

In this article, we’ll explore our predictions for the German tech industry in 2024, diving into the most sought-after skills, highlighting industries with soaring demand, and offering actionable strategies for those looking to break into Germany's ever-evolving tech sector.

The tech surge in Germany

Germany stands as a beacon of innovation within Europe. It boasts a tech workforce exceeding one million euros and a revenue surpassing one billion euros

According to our comprehensive State of Tech 2024 report, the German tech landscape will undergo a boom as we enter 2024, creating a robust demand for skilled professionals. 

This surge is not confined to a specific industry but is expected to affect a diverse variety of sectors which signals a nation-wide reliance on technology for advancement.

Key insights from the 2024 State of Tech Report 

The research from our 2024 State of Tech Report shows that the year ahead will be bright and exciting for the German tech industry. Some of the key takeaways from our report show that there will be:

  • Unprecedented growth: the tech sector is expanding, leading to a larger need for tech talents across various industries.

  • A thriving startup ecosystem: Germany's startup ecosystem is vibrant and ranks among the most dynamic in Europe, offering a space for innovation and career opportunities.

  • Cross-industry impact: the demand for tech professionals is not limited to traditional tech sectors; industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing are also actively seeking digital expertise.

The In-demand Skills Shaping Germany's Tech Horizon

Germany's tech landscape is currently ripe with opportunities for those who are willing to invest in learning the skills that are in demand. If you are looking to further your tech career, you can focus your education and growth on areas that will have the most future opportunities. 

Let's dive into the specifics of what will make a tech professional stand out in Germany's tech industry:

  1. Data analytics 

The data boom is real: our State of Tech 2024 report found that there will be a projected 22.5% increase in daily data creation by the end of 2024. This increase in the volume of data that businesses handle means they are on the lookout for data scientists. They are searching for candidates who not only understand traditional analytics, but also bring expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the table.

  1. UX/UI design

UX/UI design has taken on an increasingly significant role within overall digital marketing teams. A striking 74% of businesses now emphasize the importance of UX in driving sales. This emphasis stems from the direct influence that UX/UI has on user experience, which in turn affects user engagement and satisfaction. Across various industries, there's a growing recognition of how UX/UI can profoundly impact a business's bottom line. Notably, emerging trends in this field involve the integration of language assistance and the rising prominence of AR/VR within the design landscape.

  1. Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is not just a buzzword; it's a critical need. Over 70% of German companies suffered successful cyberattacks in 2022.  If you want to break into the cybersecurity realm, you can stay ahead by anticipating trends such as new legislation, AI-driven solutions, and the adoption of zero-trust architectures.

  1. Web development 

The demand for web developers in Germany has surged due to businesses ever-increasing reliance on digital platforms. As consumers seek seamless online experiences, companies need reliable web development talent to enhance their web presence. The field is evolving with several notable trends emerging such as progressive web apps (PWAs), responsive and mobile-first design, and the integration of AI and machine learning (ML) into web applications. Additionally, the emphasis on cybersecurity and data protection is driving a need for developers well-versed in safeguarding digital assets. 

  1. Product management

Product management is no longer just about overseeing products; it's a strategic role demanding a unique blend of technical acumen and effective team leadership. In our 2024 German State of Tech Report, we dive into trends in this role like AI-driven decision support, data-driven empathy, and an emphasis on long-term strategies.

The State of the German Tech Job Market

Now that we've talked about the essential skills, let's take a closer look at salary and job growth. With insights into salaries and growing sectors, you can better navigate your career path as you’ll be well-equipped to negotiate job offers and develop your skills in areas that offer promising and stable career prospects. 

If you are looking to negotiate your salary for a tech job in Germany, its good to know what other people in similar roles are earning. 

  • Data scientists: earn an average salary of €70,492.

  • UX designers: earn an average of €45,606.

  • Cybersecurity analysts: earn an average of €63,000.

  • Web developer (with less than a year of experience): €39,000

  • Software engineer (with less than a year of experience):  €43,000

Its not only salaries that are important, you want to find a role that is in a sector that is predicted to grow. 

  • The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2023 study points to big data analytics, climate change, encryption, and cybersecurity as the major drivers of job growth. 

  • 80% of companies are looking to embrace big data analytics in the next five years, the tech job market in Germany is poised for substantial growth.

Many industries outside of tech are now searching for tech workers as technology has become an essential presence in various industries and fuels innovation.

  • Data analytics: finds its stronghold in shaping policies for both business and public services. 

  • Cybersecurity: is highly sought after in industries like finance, healthcare, energy, and government, where protecting sensitive data and infrastructure from cyber threats is critical

  • UX/UI design: is in-demand in e-commerce, retail, and technology sectors, as companies prioritize creating user-friendly digital interfaces and seamless customer experiences to remain competitive..

  • Web development: is sought after across various industries, including finance, healthcare, education, and insurance, as businesses aim to maintain a strong online presence and improve their online offerings to compete in a new digital world. 

Navigate the German tech industry challenges 

As you start on your tech journey in Germany, it helps to be aware of both challenges and opportunities in the market. This way you can manage expectations and strategically navigate your job search by developing in-demand skills and avoiding those no longer needed. 

The skill gap 

  • The persistent skill gap in the tech workforce demands a commitment from both companies and individuals alike to upskill. 

  • Employers are increasingly embracing upskilling as a strategy to cultivate specific, job-relevant skills within their existing tech workforce. This approach not only enhances employee retention by offering career advancement prospects but also plays a pivotal role in addressing the prevailing skills gap.

  • Bootcamps, such as those offered by Ironhack are short, intensive training programs that can quickly upskill students in specific areas such as web development or UX/UI design.

Sustainable tech and green initiatives

  • Germany's focus on sustainability opens doors for tech enthusiasts passionate about creating solutions for real-world problems. 

  • You can explore areas like renewable energy, electric mobility, and the circular economy to align your skills with the nation's innovation priorities.

AI and machine learning 

  • There are many transformative applications of AI and machine learning appearing in the German tech market, from revolutionizing healthcare to enhancing fraud detection in finance to optimizing manufacturing processes. 

  • Stay current on the latest trends to position yourself as a valuable asset in the tech landscape.

The Future of Tech Careers in Germany

It's evident that there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking a fulfilling career in technology. From the high-demand skills to the flourishing industries and the nation's commitment to innovation, the path to success is bright.

In a world marked by rapid technological advancements, the journey toward a meaningful career demands more than just landing a job. It's about embracing continuous learning, adapting to change, and contributing to the collective digital progress.

Ready to dive deeper? Download our 2024 State of Tech Report!

For a comprehensive understanding of the trends, insights, and expert perspectives shaping Germany's tech landscape, don't miss out on our State of Tech Report 2024. 

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