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September 23, 2022 - 4 minutes

Announcing a Fresh New Season of Ironhack Podcast: Tech Careers

Get it straight from the source: the Ironhack Podcast is launching a special season, Tech Careers, and you can find it on Product Hunt!

Frida Chacin Kulak - Tech Writer

Ironhack Podcast

Have you heard about our podcast yet? Yes, we have one! On the Ironhack Podcast, our amazing hosts, Dan Parry and Tim Stephens, bring you the freshest insights in interviews to some of the most interesting voices in tech: from career changers to bootcamp alumni, our guests share tech industry know-how from their own experiences, giving you an exciting view into what it’s like, and telling you exactly how you, too, can kickstart your career in tech!

Ironhack Podcast: Tech Careers

Our new season, Tech Careers, takes you from tech wannabe to tech all-star: in six episodes, our guests tell you all about how to start from scratch and build an awesome career. You already know it takes tech skills and hard work (that’s what Ironhack bootcamps are for!), but good planning and advice will make all the difference. And we’re bringing it to you!

Check it out: we’re launching for the first time on Product Hunt, a community where tech makers and hunters share the best products and resources!

How to Get Your First Tech Job with Ironhack with Marc Peter Dauter

So you’re thinking about enrolling in a tech bootcamp to help you land a new job or launch your tech career. But how do tech bootcamps actually help you do that? In this episode Marc Peter Dauter, Partnership Manager for Ironhack Germany, will demystify the process and connect the dots between bootcamps and jobs. He’ll explain his role, which creates relationships with local hiring companies that our alumni can network with during their time on campus, and talk about how Ironhack sets students up for success.

Pivoting to a New Career in Your 30s, 40s, and Beyond with Thi Hannah Chau

Changing careers can be scary, especially later in life. In this, the 2nd in our Tech Careers series, we want to explore what it's like to pivot into a tech job in your 30's. To do that, Thi Hannah Chau joined us to share her journey from preschool educator to the world of UX. As Thi Hannah takes us through how she took the leap into a new life, you’ll learn that you can too!

What To Expect From Your Bootcamp

This episode is the 101 on what you can expect from a tech bootcamp. We cover the day to day life of the average student, like how the days are broken up, the structure of the courses and share some tips on how to organize yourself throughout. We’ll also be joined by Curro Jiménez, a Web Development instructor here at Ironhack, and we’ll take a deeper dive into how the courses are structured.

Going Freelance After Your Bootcamps with Clémence de Robert

Working freelance is a dream for a lot of students embarking on an Ironhack bootcamp, but taking steps into this world can be daunting. This episode features Clémence de Robert, a Product Designer and longtime friend of the show. She’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to launch a freelance tech career: how to find contracts, set your rates, manage your time, and much more.

Transitioning Into Tech with Florian Aube

In this episode, Florian shares the inspiring story of his journey from bartending to teaching Web Development at Ironhack. After realising he wanted to make a change and move into the world of coding, Florian tells us the steps he took to build his new career, the obstacles he faced along the way, and some advice for anyone following in his footsteps. We also talk about his time at Ironhack and his newly discovered passion for teaching.

The Story So Far with Ariel Quinones

In the season finale, we invited our CEO & Co-Founder, Ariel Quinones, to share the journey of Ironhack so far. We discuss how the Ironhack bootcamps have been designed to best prepare our students for their new careers, how the curriculum has evolved to keep up with the ever changing world of tech, and how tech education has become more popular than ever in recent years. With the growing demand for developers, designers, and analysts, Ariel also shares his plans for the future.

Whether you want to start a career in tech, switch jobs, or develop your skills to leverage them in your career, Tech Careers will give you all the information you need to figure out how to get where you want. Check us out on Product Hunt!

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