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May 25, 2020

Are coding bootcamps only for the rich?

Most career changers will suffer sticker shock when considering a coding bootcamp. These intensive courses can seem pricey when compared to free YouTube tutorials or $12.99 for a book.With the help of alumni testimonials and our admissions team, I’ll show you how very regular people are paying for a coding bootcamp and what’s on the other end of this investment.

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With the help of a few alumni testimonials and our admissions team, I’ll show you how very normal, non-rich people are paying for coding bootcamps, but most importantly you’ll learn why the investment is worth it.

First from your pocket, then from theirs

Paying for a coding bootcamp is similar to starting your own business. You will first try to self-fund it with your own cash. So, if you have the money then the problem is solved. Wait, you don’t have the money?

Then you’ll ask your friends and family for an investment. What? They can’t help you out? Then it’s time to go to the bank and ask for a loan.

Most people don’t have $11,000 just sitting around

“About 50% of Ironhack students finance their tuition, some even do it with a financing partner that works closely with bootcamps like Ironhack. For example, Ironhack Miami uses Skills Fund and Climb Credit which allows students to make payments over the course of 3-5 years, to reduce the burden of one lump payment.” -Alia Poonawala, Ironhack admissions team

Both Skills Fund and Climb Credit specialize in helping highly motivated students get the financial help they need to attend a coding bootcamp. Financing solutions like these try to make it as easy as possible for bootcamp students to finance their education with flexible payment plans and special interest rates.

“Ironhack Madrid and Barcelona work with Banco Sabadell and Quotanda to help students finance the cost of their bootcamp.” -Claudia Losada, Ironhack admissions team

Financing options will vary from country to country. So it’s best to speak with us directly to know more about the financing options available to you.

A drop in the bucket when compared to other educational options

Our students really put it best and while I wish that I could cram in here testimonials from our 600+ graduates, you can go to Course Report and SwitchUp to read more testimonials.

Here’s what recent grad Tatjana had to say when asked “are coding bootcamps only for the rich”.

“I think that compared to other education, what you have to pay for a Bootcamp is not really expensive. There’s this Stanford I would love to take but it’s $12K and you have to live in the States for a week. And that is really not cheap. And it’s for a week! Then there are masters programs but you have to pay for a semester $25K. Then there’s the education in the States, what you have to pay privately. I think this is worth it and this is not a lot and then you can save this money within one or two years. This is not a really big deal.” –Tatjana Nebel, Ironhack alumni 2016

She brings up a great point. If we simply look at costs, then a coding bootcamp is a much smaller investment when compared to going back to college or a masters program.

In the bigger picture, we all want to know what the “ROI” is for a coding bootcamp. What will you get out from the money you invest?

$50K/avg. salary for Ironhack Miami students within 3 months of graduating

“At a coding bootcamp, your average tuition in the US is around $11K, but most students have very clear goals as to what they want to attain. Most commonly, it’s a job as a developer. For the job-seeking candidate, it’s very easy to calculate ROI- most of our students are making an average of $50K here in Miami within 3 months of graduating, which means they recoup the cost of the bootcamp pretty quickly.” -Alia Poonawala, Ironhack admissions team

It’s definitely a great time to change careers into coding. There are tons of jobs and the pay is great. But one of the biggest benefits of investing in a coding bootcamp is the continuous career support offered by Ironhack.

Lifelong career support

“The final “career” week of the Ironhack bootcamp culminated in a job fair on campus where 7 students interviewed with 10 companies. To me, that alone was worth the bootcamp’s expense!” –Courtney Williams, Ironhack alumni 2017 (Course Report review)

Since the start, our goal has been to place 100% of our students. We dedicate a lot of our time to establishing great relationships with local hiring partners and we’re always searching for excellent companies that have a tech team where our students can continue to develop.

“Ironhack provided great job assistance. Of course, I had to do 99% of the work following their strategic advice, but they set up interviews with companies (I received a job offer from one of them), provided useful resources and followed up with me on the phone almost weekly for practical advice and encouragement. As a result, I received a few job offers and am currently working for a growing tech company (where my colleagues know the Ironhack lead instructor).” -H.M., Ironhack alumni 2015 (Course Report review)

That’s a fact. We can provide the teaching, job prep and hiring opportunities but it’s up to you to land the job. The good thing is that the vast majority of our graduates to land a job, and they land it fast.

“Well for me it paid off big time because it’s already been two years working and I’m supporting my family. So for me it worked out great. Of course it depends if you go in there spend the money and you don’t get a job later, or you get a job and you’re not that good and you decide to switch careers. It’s a total waste of money but of course it depends on the on the outcome after that. But for me it was very good investment.” –Alessandro Martin, Ironhack alumni 2016

There you have it. No, you don’t have to be rich to join a coding bootcamp. You can see that what you pay is an invest which unlocks a new career path.It will

Committing to a coding bootcamp will take a leap of faith, not only in us but, in yourself as well. Good luck and never forget that we’re here to help you along the way. You can always speak with us to talk about all of your doubts and worries. We’re here to help.

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