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June 1, 2020 - 3 minutes

From Account Manager to Frontend Developer with Ironhack Barcelona

Thor completed the Web Development Bootcamp in Ironhack Barcelona and has since worked as a freelancer at our campus. It’s been a pleasure having him around and seeing him program. So much so, that he’s joining our staff officially as a TA for the next Web Development Bootcamp. We took advantage of our close proximity to him to learn more about his Ironhack experience. We present to you our almost-coworker in Ironhack, Mr Thor!

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When and why did you decide to join Ironhack?

After studying computer engineering and spending six years as an Account Manager, I decided I wanted to return to the world of programming but I needed some refreshment before doing so. I was trying to re-learn some things on my own, but it was too slow and I realized I needed some external help that would speed up the process. That’s when I started looking into bootcamps. The camps I looked at were really basic and short (70 hours max). After a lot of research, I thought maybe this format was my best option.

But the options in Europe were pretty limited, and I only really found them in England and Spain. They were pretty much the same, except England’s bootcamps were longer and relatively more expensive, the currency change was also offsetting and London isn’t necessarily the most affordable place to live. In the end, I chose Ironhack in Barcelona.

Can you tell us a fun story about your time at the bootcamp?

I don’t know if I have any specific moment worth highlighting, but this bootcamp was one of the best experiences of my life. You meet amazing people from all kinds of backgrounds, not necessarily in programming, and many of them have the same doubts and fears as you, and that’s really rewarding.

What was the biggest lesson you learned?

The many hours you spend practicing throughout the camp is a lesson in itself. You’ll run into problems but you’ll learn how to face them and fix them a lot quicker than if you were on your own. The fact that you have the constant support of the instructors and you’re always around your classmates makes the whole journey a lot easier.

What kind of opportunities have you had after Ironhack and where has your professional career gone?

I was a freelancer before and I decided to continue freelancing afterwards, but I’ve definitely gotten many offers through LinkedIn since graduating. Going to Ironhack’s events have helped me meet people and make contacts who are really valuable when you’re working as a freelancer.

What does “learning” mean to you?

In this world, if you’re not up to date with the new technologies and frameworks, you will fall behind. You need to continue learning. It’s a perpetual process.

What does “innovation” mean to you?

Innovation is about creating, modifying, dreaming, being constantly moving and evolving and never stopping learning new things.

Any advice for the new generation of Ironhackers?

It’s not an easy task. I’d recommend:

  • Become familiar with the basics on your own, whether it be through programming books, video tutorials, blogs, etc.

  • Work hard and take advantage of having your instructors and classmates available to help you.

  • Don’t despair, you’re going to be learning a lot of information in very little time, so don’t worry about other people learning faster than you.

  • Remember that everyone’s got their own pace.

  • Disconnect and relax on the weekends, but not for too long.

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