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June 1, 2020

How coding bootcamps crush the college grad unemployment problem

Ironhack - Changing The Future of Tech Education

“53.6 percent, of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed.” –Hope Yen, Associated Press. Those are a lot of college graduates scraping by in jobs they could have gotten without inheriting an average of $37,172 in student loan debt. 403.

But wait, there’s more...

College graduates who majored in zoology, anthropology, philosophy, art history, and humanities were among the least likely to find jobs appropriate to their education level; those with nursing, teaching, accounting or computer science degrees were among the most likely.” –Hope Yen, Associated Press

So what do we do now? We need to adapt to the evolution of the job market.

Every job is getting a layer of technology

From anthropologist to zoologist, every job will slowly require more and more coding knowledge to execute. Whether it’s creating small applications that will help you interpret large data sets to developing new technology-enhanced ideas, the future of all careers will require a working knowledge of computer programming .

Here’s where the jobs are going:

  • Network and computer systems administrator: growing by 8%

  • Data Scientist: growing by 16%

  • Software Engineer: growing by 17%

  • Information Security Analyst: growing by 18%

  • Computer Systems Analyst: growing by 21%

  • Web developer: growing by 27%

  • Source: Business Insider

So let’s go back to school, rack up another $37,000 in debt and invest another 4 years to get a computer science degree?

No. Don’t even think about doing that. Not even for a second! There’s a smart shortcut, and it’s called a coding bootcamp.

The real deal on Ironhack’s coding bootcamp

Our coding bootcamp is an intensive program  intended for the most motivated individuals. We will cram a couple of years worth of learning into nine short weeks.

The objective of Ironhack’s coding bootcamp is to get our graduates hired as a junior devs ASAP! And we’re quite proud to say that our hard work in creating a network of companies that actively hire Ironhack graduates is paying off. We employ a high percentage of our graduates within the first 4 months after finishing a bootcamp. Some of them during the first couple of weeks after finishing the coding bootcamp.

The reason this is possible is simple: bootcamp students supercharge their education by making learning to code their full-time job.

What a coding bootcamp is not

It is not easy. You will face self-doubt, uncertainty, exhaustion and more work than you faced during your college degree. The bootcamp will make you sweat, and it’s only for the most motivated recent graduates.

You will be challenged every day to learn everything from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the “MEAN STACK” which includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js.

There is no hand holding. The name says it all BOOTCAMP. Instead of physical training, you are subject to a daily grind of coding. You will be expected to keep up and ask for more. Once again, a coding bootcamp is only for the most motivated.

A bootcamp is not cheap. You can learn online for free or for nearly free. Ironhack’s bootcamp is a 9-week experience that costs $11,000/6,500€. At first, this price may seem high but look at it like this, you’re buying yourself the time to make learning to code your full-time job, you’re buying the acquisition of the most in-demand skill and you’re buying yourself a new career.

Those 6,500€ are an investment in leveling up your career, beefing up your resume and differentiating yourself from every other candidate. But wait there’s more. Ironhack tuition also gets you our hiring help and support. When you need a job, you’ll always be able to ask us for help. Not a bad deal.


With lots of pains, lots of gains

In the end, the reward is learning to code and leveling-up your career. At Ironhack you will “learn how to learn”, that’s the primary skill that will open up tens of thousands of doors for you around the world. You will become so resourceful that there won’t be a problem you can’t solve, and companies like hiring problem solvers.

The coding bootcamp will also enhance your resume and increase your earning potential because you’ll be on a different level than the rest of the resumes in the stack.

Recent college graduates and coding bootcamps

There aren’t too many recent grads that are jumping at the idea of going back for another four years. But when you can’t find a job that puts your degree to good use, or you studied something that never really cared about or even worse yet, the jobs that are available in your industry require more technical knowledge than you have, well it’s time to hack the system by joining a coding bootcamp.

Ironhack’s “secret sauce” to getting recent grads hired

It’s very simple but far from easy.

  • Only the most motivated students are accepted into an Ironhack coding bootcamp

  • Our course curriculum is designed to deliver the skills that companies need to hire

  • Ironhack works extremely hard to develop strong relationships with local hiring partners

  • Students get continuous career support during and after Ironhack’s coding bootcamp

When you mix those three items you get highly motivated junior developers with precisely the right technical skills to be efficient problem solvers.

Our students come from different walks of life, but they all share the same passion and enthusiasm to create things and make a difference in the industry. That is the reason why our hiring partners love our graduates, not only because of their craft, but also this ambitious attitude you don’t usually see in other people. -Marc Collado, Ironhack Barcelona Campus Manager

That’s the formula that keeps our hiring partners coming back to Ironhack for the most recent batch of graduates.


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