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June 1, 2020 - 5 minutes

Is a Coding Bootcamp For Me?

Find the answer to your burning question right here. 

Ironhack - Changing The Future of Tech Education

Ever thought ‘I can’t stand my job! I need to get out of here’? You’re not alone and you might be surprised to learn that as different as jobs all are, they share very similar problems which lead to a universal conclusion: “I need a new career before I strangle my boss or jump out of this window!

Employees all over the world are struggling and here are some of their problems that could be affecting you too. Take a look and see if any of these examples ring a bell.

Working in an industry with little growth–or worse, it’s shrinking

Having a job where you’re driven and constantly engaged is the dream, right? Well, in industries like tech, it doesn’t have to be a dream. Unfortunately for many employees, however, they don’t see a lot of growth opportunities–-for themselves or the companies they work for–in the near future and this can result in low motivation and reduced productivity.

The money they’re making hasn’t increased in years

The market is tough right now, but that doesn’t mean you should be underpaid for the work you’re doing; the vast majority of companies practice yearly raises or bonuses for employees who go above and beyond and if you’re stuck at the same salary you were at a few years ago or you’ve had new responsibilities added with no raise, you’re probably ripe for a job change. 

Constantly feeling undervalued, unappreciated, and unrecognized for their work

Receiving a salary or benefits that reflect your work and experience is certainly important, but all humans want to feel valued, appreciated, and recognized for their contributions and skills. One of the most common reasons that employees cite when leaving a job is not feeling like they were a necessary part of the team. 

Stress and unhappiness has become a normal part of their life

If any of the above sound familiar to you, then you probably fully understand the effect that low pay, little recognition, and no room for growth can have on your attitude and overall well-being. The reasons we mentioned above can cause high amounts of stress and lead to unhappiness for the employee. 

So what’s led to all this? Well, the widespread introduction to technology has completely shaken up the job market. And while you might be thinking that this means more jobs will be zapped up by technology and the aforementioned problems will just continue, the potential of the tech industry has never been greater. Let’s dive right in. 

Getting Into Tech

Behind registered nurses, software developer is the second largest growing job category in the United States. Right now there are 98,000 software developer jobs on the Indeed USA job board and out of all those software developer jobs, 43,000 require some knowledge of JavaScript.

And that’s just for software developers; although your mind might jump straight to coding when it comes to tech, there are a wide range of positions that are in high demand in today’s tech market, such as cybersecurity professionals, UX/UI designers, AI engineers, data scientists, and much, much more. 

At Ironhack, we have become experts at helping people learn the necessary skills to transition into the transforming tech job market, keeping up with the most in-demand skills to ensure our graduates and entering the workforce with a competitive advantage:

  • Bootcamps are a smart shortcut to going back to college–spending $59,000 and 4-years to get a computer science degree that, in many cases, doesn't give you the skills that companies are hiring.

  • With dedicated and experienced instructors leading the classes, you’ll learn what’s actually needed in the field of your choice, instead of learning theoretical material.

  • Ironhack’s large alumni network and Career Services means you’ll be accompanied by the best as you begin your job search. 

Is a coding bootcamp for me?

It’s up to you. If you think you are ready, Ironhack’s 9-week grind will prepare you to become the type of coder, thinker, and problem solver that companies are looking to hire. We do our best to support our students during their job search to get them hired as soon as possible:

  • We focus on helping students make the career change they came to Ironhack for 

  • We pride ourselves on preparing students to join one of the fastest growing industries in the world 

  • We help our students understand the career ladder and job hunt process, setting them up for success in the future

  • Our students leave as skilled coders, ready to positively impact their new company’s workflow.  

To hear the good stuff right from the horse’s mouth, check out our coding bootcamp student testimonials or read our reviews on Course Report and SwitchUp.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your coding career, speak to us directly to have a personal call to see if there is a coding bootcamp for you. There’s no commitment here and no cost–we truly want to help you see if a coding bootcamp is the right fit for you. 

Take a look and let us know: are you ready to transform your career? 

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