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March 15, 2024

Study Now, Pay Later: Kickstart your tech career with an Income Share Agreement

Interested in a bootcamp but scared by that price? Here’s the solution.

Debora Amaral

Starting a new career path can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Many aspiring tech careers find themselves at a crossroads wondering how to pursue their passion with the financial burden that comes with furthering their education.

Our bootcamps 

Ironhack bootcamps offer a swift and focused path to earning the skills that today’s tech economy demands. Unlike college degrees, which can require years of study, bootcamps are designed to give you practical, job-ready skills in only 9 weeks to 24 weeks and are tailored with different schedules to support your needs.

At Ironhack you choose from the most in-demand fields in the tech industry. We offer Web development, Data Analytics, and UX/UI Design bootcamps. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a thriving career in the tech industry but facing financial constraints? We understand the importance of accessibility to quality education, and that's why we're excited to introduce our ISA (Income Share Agreement) financing option in collaboration with Quotanda. This innovative approach allows aspiring tech professionals to kickstart their learning journey at Ironhack without the burden of upfront tuition fees. Let's dive deeper into how this financing option can unlock doors to your future success.

Financing your bootcamp

What is an Income Share Agreement?

The ISA program is designed specifically for individuals who would like to start a career in tech but lack the means to pay the full tuition fees of the bootcamp. With Quotanda's support, students can start their education at Ironhack with the assurance that the repayment will only happen when they land their first job, post-graduation. This financing option ensures that financial constraints do not impede your aspirations of pursuing a career in tech.

Conditions and Benefits:

Navigating bootcamp costs can be challenging, but some strategies make these career-advancing opportunities possible. Benefits of choosing ISA: 

  • No Upfront Deposit: Unlike traditional financing options, ISA financing doesn’t require any upfront deposit.

  • Repayment Duration: Students have the flexibility to repay their tuition fees over up to 51 months for Lisbon and 58 months for Remote Portugal.

  • Monthly Payment: Upon securing employment, students commit to paying 12% of their salary towards tuition repayment.

  • Minimum Income Threshold: Repayment initiates once the student's annual gross income exceeds 16,000 euros.

  • Hassle-Free Process: The application process is streamlined, with no processing fees involved, making it convenient for aspiring learners to embark on their educational journey seamlessly.

  • Accessibility: The ISA financing option is accessible to Portuguese citizens, individuals with a "cartão de cidadão" (citizen card), or residents with at least 5 years of residency in Portugal.

How to apply to an Income share agreement

It’s pretty straightforward, easy and quick. Let’s dive in: 

  1. Admission with Ironhack: Begin your journey by completing the admission process with Ironhack, ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria for your desired bootcamp.

  2. Eligibility with Quotanda: Once admitted, proceed to the eligibility assessment with Quotanda to determine your suitability for the ISA financing option, solidifying your commitment to the repayment terms.

  3. Signing the Student Agreement: Upon approval with Quotanda, you sign the student agreement with Ironhack.

  4. Enrollment Validation: Validate your enrollment with Ironhack, and embark on your transformative learning experience.

Your tech bootcamp cost doesn’t have to be a roadblock to your career aspirations. 

Ironhack and Quotanda are breaking down barriers to education and empowering aspiring tech professionals to pursue their dreams without financial constraints. Don't let finances hold you back from your dream tech career. Kickstart your journey with the ISA financing option today. Apply now and start the first step towards your dream tech career!

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