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June 1, 2020

The opinions of our bootcamp students on our transition to remote learning (part I)

The progress of the Covid-19 has been relentless in all the areas of our society and due to these challenging times, every company has had to reinvent itself. We, like many others, have been forced to adopt measures that guarantee the safety of our students and teachers.

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As we informed you a few days ago, we have migrated all ongoing and upcoming classes to a remote learning environment to ensure the safety of our students and staff and have developed the remote program with the following enhanced focus:

  • Instructor-led classes with live real-time interaction

  • Mentorship and online support services for all students

  • Engaging group projects in Breakout Rooms

  • Convenience and safety of your home

  • Real-world prep for a hybrid or remote work environment

  • Industry-leading remote educational tools

Given the changes applied in our classrooms, we have reached out to our students and asked for their opinion on this new learning methodology. Here we share what the students who are studying in a full-time bootcamp program have to say (in another article we will share the opinions of the part-time students):

“Despite being at home, I felt like I was at a table with my classmates. I have worked very well with them. We have helped each other a lot, and we have even had to mute ourselves! (…) so, given the unfortunate circumstances, the experience has been good for me.”

Victor Ronda, Web Development, Barcelona

“I am looking forward to the next few weeks! All the classmates are really cool. I’m glad I chose to continue with the Bootcamp despite the situation with the Coronavirus. In my opinion the remote learning option is great! I don’t feel like I’m missing anything!”

Timur Tanurhan, Web Development, Berlin

“I am really enjoying remote classes, to be honest! Basically, I don’t have to wait to go to the toilet or to grab a coffee, haha, the living room is now the reserved room for studying and the TV serves as an additional screen that is used for following the classes. It is now possible to see the code more easily, because the TV works like having an extra monitor which is super cool! We are in the virtual class a lot, but it is well handled, our Lead Teacher is awesome!”

Maria Muga, Web Development, Berlin

“There is also a lot to be said for the ability to be in class in my pajamas while curled up on the sofa, which is definitely a huge plus :)” Web Development Student, Amsterdam

“The Lead Teachers are amazing, with the elements they have they are doing an amazing job.”
Francisco Ponde, Web Development, Mexico City

Thanks to the positive feedback we have received from all our campuses, we have recently launched our new live online course to keep building our global community of Ironhackers. Click on the following link to learn more about Ironhack Remote.

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