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February 16, 2023 - 7 minutes

5 Tech Tools You Should Know About

If you want to get the competitive edge in the market and fully utilize the technology you have on hard, then knowing these 5 tech tools is a necessity. 

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If you want to keep up with the demands of the market and better navigate the digital world, knowing the best tech tools will be crucial to your success. These tools can help with anything from cybersecurity software and task management tools to the best CRM platforms. They’re here to help users streamline work, manage potential threats, save time, and fully take advantage of what today’s technology has to offer; being in the know about the latest tech tools has never been more important.  

Cybersecurity software

Considering the frequent use of online storage, the amount of private data that’s collected, and our reliance on the Cloud, companies are making cybersecurity a top priority. In a time where our work is more entwined than ever with technology, we’re more vulnerable to hackers, data leaks, and cyber attacks. Securing data and disrupting potential attacks is immensely important; not only does offering cybersecurity help reduce the potential financial loss for a company, but it protects internal data and ensures the company a good reputation. 

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a cyber security tool designed for end-to-end risk management mediation through offering complete coverage, regular assessment, reporting of vulnerabilities, and built-in remediation. 

Notable Characteristics: 

  • Regular scans: The program runs regular scans to discover the vulnerable areas of all local and remote office endpoints in addition to roaming devices. 

  • Assess potential risks: ManageEngine uses attacker-based analytics to assess potential risks. The program prioritizes areas that are more likely to be attacked.

  • Compliance: ManageEngine helps businesses meet compliance requirements as well as security and audit objectives. 

  • Secures potential loopholes: The program helps reduce the possibility of exploitation of security loopholes and prevents future loopholes from developing.

  • Patch Management: Offers support customizing, coordinating, and automating patching processes. 

  • Zero-Day Vulnerability Mitigation: ManageEngine deploys pre-built, tested scripts in order to secure networks from zero-day vulnerabilities.  

Price plans offered by ManageEngine:

Prices vary in relation to the amount of workstations, servers and users needed. 

Website: ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Task management tools

To make it as a business today, managing tasks, facilitating group work, and being in communication (remotely or in person) has never been more important. A good task management tool can help your company have efficient and clear communication in order to save time and complete necessary tasks. In the end, proper task management increases productivity, reduces stress, and ensures higher quality work for the company and client. 


ClickUp is a top rated task management tool to help increase productivity, establish priorities, and manage multiple projects at once. The user-friendly platform is utilized by companies like Google, Webflow, and Airbnb. It’s a favorite of business owners, project managers, and freelancers. 

Notable Characteristics: 

  • Templates and Recurring Tasks: To ensure that efficiency is prioritized, ClickUp offers templates to give users a base to create project plans and new tasks. The Recurring Task feature allows for tasks to repeat and customize how often they appear. 

  • Priorities: The tool helps users identify their prioritized tasks through a simple color coded system. The system makes companies more efficient as users can easily identify priority tasks.

  • Reminders and Notifications: ClickUp sends reminders making it easy to keep track of deliverables. Equally, notifications are used to keep everyone updated on task developments. The frequency and location of notifications is customizable to better support team members. 

  • Views: The software offers a variety of views to accommodate the diverse ways that users may want to engage. From simple lists and calendar view to spreadsheets, ClickUp helps users visualize and organize their work.

  • Integrations: The app can be integrated with other apps and collaboration tools like Slack, Gmail, Zoom, Outlook, Google Drive, HubSpot, and more. 

Price plans offered by ClickUp:

  • ClickUp Free: Free forever

  • ClickUp Unlimited: $5 per member per month 

  • ClickUp Business: $12 per member per month 

  • ClickUp Business Plus: $19 per member per month 

  • ClickUp Enterprise: Custom pricing

Website: ClickUp

Web development tools

Web development has changed significantly in recent years, thus utilizing the best tools and plugins can help streamline the work, make it more intuitive, and help you save time. Taking advantage of the best web development tools will help companies be more efficient and build stronger websites. 


GitHub is a web development tool that helps users improve workflow, identify errors in code, and create stronger websites. The tool helps track changes made to code, return to previous states to fix mistakes, and keep track of bugs. The tool is designed for collaboration, built with security in mind, and has shown to increase web development velocity

Notable Characteristics: 

  • Productivity: GitHub helps users accelerate web development through a variety of tools to increase developer velocity. The platform also offers a complete development environment so users can code, test, and pull requests from any repo anywhere.

  • Collaboration: The tool offers flexible project management tools that help facilitate collaboration, providing unlimited repositories and access to their powerful open source community.

  • Security: GitHub helps users respond to threats proactively through offering regular security scans to find vulnerabilities in your code.

  • Code Scanning: GitHub offers static code analysis to identify potential issues in your code.

Price plans offered by GitHub:

  • GitHub Free: Free forever

  • GitHub Team: $48 per user per year

  • GitHub Enterprise: $252 per user per year

Website: GitHub

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is proving to be more and more necessary in order to personalize and better connect with clients. As businesses collect more and more data, having tools to effectively gather, manage, and analyze that data has never been more important. 

The proper CRM tools can help you establish new clients and build stronger relationships with existing customers. Businesses who invest in CRM have better customer retention, see an increase in revenues, and grow their companies. There are two customer relationship management softwares you should know about. 

monday Sales CRM:

If your company is overwhelmed with tasks and wants more support in the area of project management, monday Sales CRM is the CRM software for you. The platform’s easy to use interface makes data organization, visualization, and analysis a stress-free project. The software will help you save time, makes communication smooth, and is overall an intuitive management platform.  

Notable Characteristics: 

  • Customizable: The software can be customized to your sales cycle and be tailored to match your company’s project management needs. 

  • Integration: The platform can be integrated with other apps like Slack to facilitate better communication with your team. 

  • Automating Sales Processes: monday Sales CRM automates repetitive work, assigns leads to reps, and sets reminders for upcoming tasks. 

  • Centralized Communication: The platform can be integrated with contacts and email to automatically track interactions and prepare personalized email templates. 

Price plans offered by monday Sales CRM:

  • monday Sales CRM Individual: Free forever

  • monday Sales CRM Basic: $10 per user per month

  • monday Sales CRM Standard: $14 per user per month

  • monday Sales CRM Pro: $24 per user per month

  • monday Sales CRM Enterprise: Custom pricing

Website: monday Sales CRM

Sage CRM:

Sage CRM is a customer management tool focused on the longer term relationships with customers. The software helps employees monitor and support customers all on one platform, helping track data and provide metrics on case histories that can be transformed into comprehensive and visual reports for customers. Sage CRM also offers support in managing marketing channels and offering more personalized marketing campaigns. 

Notable Characteristics:

  • Reliable Insight: Sage CRM offers real-time insights through ongoing data analysis that help customers and businesses make better informed decisions. 

  • Exceptional Customer Experience: The software will help better serve customers through centralizing work on the platform, identifying service gaps, and providing a personalized customer experience. 

  • Collaboration: The project management aspects of the tool keep everyone collaborating efficiently. Data is consolidated in one place so everyone can access the visual reports. 

  • End-to-end View: The platform delivers an end-to-end view of a given customer’s work, grounded on reliable data that helps expand up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. 

Price plans offered by Sage CRM:

  • Custom Pricing: Get a Quote from Sage CRM

Website: Sage CRM

If you’re looking to dominate in your field, these tech tools may be the answer to increasing productivity, managing tasks, offering security and providing stronger services to your customers.

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