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February 9, 2023 - 4 minutes

Campus Spotlight: London 

Choose Ironhack London for an unparalleled entry into the tech sector 

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer


It’s well known that London is Europe’s leading tech hub, second only to Silicon Valley. Now valued at $1tn, London is home to three out of four of the UK’s biggest tech companies. And as an extremely well-connected city with lots of talent, advanced infrastructure and deep tech knowledge, it’s no surprise that London is the dream destination for techies. For digital specialists, it’s the place to be: this sector accounts for 7.7% of the UK’s total value of goods and services produced in an area, industry or economy sector. 

2.98 million people are employed in tech in the UK. Will you be next? 

Why London? 

No matter the industry in which you’re interested, tech roles are in high demand across the board. Here’s why London could be the best place for you: 

  • London’s job opportunities are expansive; as one of the major business hubs in Europe, most major companies have offices in London.

  • It’s extremely well-connected to the rest of Europe. 

  • Visit one of London’s 139 museums or 250 theatres.

  • London’s foodie community is vibrant; join weekend bottomless brunches to take a break from your studies or visit one of the many cafes across the city.

  • The diverse range of neighbourhoods and architecture means you’ll always have something new to see. 

  • London is a melting pot of tons of different cultures, which enriches local culture and cuisine.

From a tech perspective, there’s lots of reasons to head to London as well: UK tech venture capital investment is third in the world and London ranks 4th for global tech venture capital investment, falling behind only San Francisco, Beijing and New York. The median salary for tech roles in London is £55,000 and the current demand for tech roles and digital skills outweighs the supply. For example, the demand for a Software Developer is ten times higher than the number of consumer searches.

Ironhack in London 

We started a new concept for London and the UK with the introduction of a flexible way of learning with an international appeal. You can enjoy the benefits of studying from wherever you are while being part of an international cohort of students, joining our local team for networking events as well as additional support. Our hub in Shoreditch is the perfect place to meet with fellow bootcampers, receive help and benefit from an in-person community. 

If you’re in London, you can be part of our active community. If you’re somewhere else, you can visit the city for special events and join our alumni network.

Ironhack courses in London

Each of these courses offers a specific advantage for London: 

  • Web development: learn front and back end technologies and everything else you need to know to become a full stack web developer. 

    • Find supportive developer communities, leading, London-based tech companies, rapid career growth, high demand for developers and a mature tech scene.

  • Data analytics: become a data analyst through learning tools such as Python, SQL, and Tableau and learn to interpret data to make the right decisions. 

    • Enjoy a supportive environment for data professionals, a wide range of available roles, significant investment in research and development, and an urgent need for data professionals. 

  • UX/UI design: user-centric design is key here; learn design thinking to build digital experiences created specifically for users. 

    • London offers the ideal setting for creativity and digital innovation, a bursting UX/UI community with frequent meetups and conferences, a strong job market with attractive salaries and an impressive startup scene.

  • Cybersecurity: cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, due to their wide range of skills pertaining to protecting companies from risks and hacks. 

    • Find yourself in a growing field with a wide range of career paths, a city in need of cybersecurity professionals and an expanding community in cybersecurity. 

Financing options in London 

Pay in instalments 

You can pay straight to Ironhack in three monthly instalments (full-time course) or in six monthly instalments (part-time course) without any additional charge to the amount of the fee nor interest.

Pay with loans

This financing option allows you to simply pick a course, pay with Knoma, and spread the cost of your tuition in 12 monthly payments at 0% and with no extra fees of any kind. You pay what you really need to pay. 

Lendwise is a specialist loan provider dedicated to education financing for ambitious individuals who are looking to fund their courses at leading UK educational institutions. The interest rate offered* is fixed and will depend on the applicant’s overall profile; there are no penalties for repaying your loan early. 

*Representative APR 10.5%. Using Lendwise, you can spread the cost of your course over up to 60 months with flexible loan terms.

Pay with income share agreements 

A Shared Income Agreement is a contractual agreement whereby students defer tuition payments until they secure an income. Repayments only start when your gross income reaches a certain minimum threshold and in exchange, you agree to share a fixed percentage of your income for a fixed period of time.

Does Ironhack’s London hybrid setup seem like a good choice for you? We’re ready to welcome you to your new future in tech!

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