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May 6, 2023 - 6 minutes

Career Support at Ironhack: What Does it Look Like?

You know getting into tech is the right choice for you, but how do you ensure that you’ll actually find a job after? 

Ironhack - Changing The Future of Tech Education


We’ll get right to the point: a bootcamp is a significant investment and you’re taking on this investment for a reason: to kickstart your new career in tech. That’s why we offer all our students, whether remote or in-person, access to our career services. But before we dive into Ironhack’s specific offerings and what you can expect before, during, and after your bootcamp, let’s discuss the job market in tech and what a career in tech can entail. 

The Tech Job Market 

We’ve seen the news as well and we know that lots of tech companies experienced layoffs during the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023; this may affect your outlook and make you think: is now really a good time to get into tech? If I’ll just get laid off, then what’s the point? And with the arrival of tools like ChatGPT and other AI-fueled innovations, automation is around the corner, isn’t it? 

It can be easy to get sucked into this hole of negativity, but we’re here to help you see that tech is still an extremely lucrative field that’s growing so fast and new, qualified workers are needed. The unstable economy of the last year due to continued recovery from the pandemic and political unrest led to higher inflation rates and some companies reducing their workforces. We know this can be intimidating; after all, who wants to start a new career and immediately experience job uncertainty?! Not us--and that’s why Ironhack’s career services help you find the right role for you based on both your skills and market needs.

For many of us, the pandemic may seem like a thing from the past, but the reality is that many companies are both still recovering and adapting to new realities; the pandemic caused many companies to rapidly advance with their digital strategies, no longer able to rely on in-person work. This means two things: 

  • More and more companies are looking for all kinds of tech employees to meet their growing digital needs.

  • As more companies prioritized tech strategies, tech developed rapidly and employees need employees skilled in the newest technologies to meet market needs.

Job market advantages from bootcamp learning

You might think that in such an intense moment in tech where everything is advancing rapidly, employers will only want to see applications from workers with years of experience and impressive degrees, but that’s actually the catch: those profiles aren’t catching the eye of recruiters or hiring managers anymore. Here’s why: 

  • Tech is moving at such a fast pace that those fancy degrees or years of experience don’t have anything to do with today’s challenges in tech. Bootcamps are gaining popularity because of their ability to tackle the newest technologies and prepare graduates for entry-level jobs in just a few days. 

  • As digital needs spread across all industries, not just tech, recruiters are specifically looking for profiles with experience in diverse sectors to help them relate more to that particular field. Education or work experience in a different area can set you apart from more experienced tech candidates. 

  • The learning doesn’t stop once you’re in your first tech role; tech is moving at a dizzying speed and employers want workers who are ready to continuously learn and tackle the next challenge when it emerges; by making a career transition and switching to a new field, you’ll show employers that you’re ready to take on the next challenge–whatever it may be. 

Why Tech?

We just told you that the tech job market is expanding rapidly, but that’s not the only advantage: 

  • Salaries: tech jobs are well-paid and that’s a fact. Even entry-level roles boast competitive salaries and, of course, the always visible room for upward mobility.

  • Versatility: coming from a marketing background? How about sales? Or even teaching? No matter where your career change comes from, your previously earned skills and abilities will help you tackle the new problems the tech sector is facing. 

  • Growth: the continuous release of new technologies and constant innovation means that there will always be something new to learn, a new skill to master, and something different on which to focus your energy. 

  • Flexibility: the tech sector is known for flexible hours, remote work possibilities, and overall flexibility when it comes to your work. 

Now that we’ve convinced you that tech is the right choice for you, let’s check out exactly what Ironhack’s Career Services will offer you during and after your tech bootcamp. 

Ironhack’s Career Services 

At Ironhack, we know that your main priority is finding a job after the bootcamp. We fully understand you’ve given up a lot to sign up for a bootcamp and dedicated time, money, and energy to doing your best. And we want to help you; we’ve developed our Career Services for that exact reason. After all, your jump into tech is a big step and part of our commitment to you is ensuring that you’re ready to find that new role. 

Our Career Services is broken down into four areas: Preliminary Discovery, Digital Foundations, Preparation, and Job Hunting. Ready to discover what they offer?

Preliminary Discovery 

We said we’re committed to you and your success and that’s why your job preparation will begin before the bootcamp even begins. That’s right! Before you even turn on your computer to tackle the basics of web development or the main cybersecurity threats facing companies today, you’ll start with some internal reflection, determining exactly what you want to achieve and accomplish after the bootcamp. 

There are two parts to this phase; you will begin by discovering what your goals are and then check out the job market, seeing what your possibilities are and learning what to keep in mind as the journey begins. 

Digital Foundations 

Now that you’ve started your bootcamp journey, it’s time to dive a little deeper into tech and find your niche; you’ll have your first meeting with one of our qualified Career Coaches who are trained to help you break into tech. Here’s what they offer: 

  • All our career coaches have relevant HR experience and offer personalized coaching to meet your specific needs. 

  • They have broad networks that can help you meet both alumni and other tech professionals.

  • They will help you review your CV, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, pitch, and cover letter, keeping in mind the demands of the tech industry.

  • Through offering guidance and advice specific to you, your goals, and your experience, our Career Coaches can help you attract recruiters. 

  • Lastly, they’ll make sure your location preference and language skills are noted, in addition to any soft skills you possess. 


All of our bootcamps, regardless of length or topic, boast a Career Week which is, well, exactly what it sounds like! Take a break from the trenches of your studies and get focused on your next big step: your new job. This week-long adventure will allow you to attend seminars, workshops, and webinars and tackle the challenges you’ve been facing on your job hunt. Here’s what you’ll learn during your Career Week: 

  • How to search for jobs

  • How to apply for jobs 

  • How to interview successfully

  • How to specialize in tech 

  • How to present yourself to recruiters 

Job hunting 

The big moment is here! We can’t prepare you any further: you are ready for this. And even though it’s now your time to shine, don’t worry; we’re not leaving you just yet. Our team will continue to help you with one-to-one guidance throughout the interview process and job hunt as a whole, helping you handle specific challenges and practice interviews. They’ll also use their connections to connect you with the right people; at Ironhack, we boast a global network of hiring partners and successful alumni that are eager to help you find your next role. 

Is your future in tech seeming more and more like a reality? We get it; completely switching careers is a big choice and one you can’t make lightly. Finding a job is a key part of your career jump; at Ironhack, we truly want the best for our students and that starts from day one (and before!). 

If our commitment to the job search is something that interests you, Ironhack might be the right choice for you. Check out our available bootcamps and check out job postings; you never know–your next role might be just a few weeks away. 

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