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January 3, 2023 - 5 min

Talenthack: One of Berlin's top tech events

Diana Blaum - Ironhack Germany



Talenthack Berlin: Partner talks and tech talent network

Come and join one of Berlin's top tech events where young tech talents and our partner companies can meet!

What is Talenthack Berlin?

What do you think is the biggest challenge for people when it comes to breaking into tech? 

Building your network.

Once you have the technical knowledge you need under your belt, the next challenge to overcome is diving into your local tech community and building your network.

Hey, we know it's not easy. Striking up conversations with people you don’t know can be scary and sometimes you might not even know where to look to find your fellow tech workers. But if you are a young tech talent who recently started your career transition, we are hosting the perfect event for you. 

Talenthack is a unique meeting and networking space where young tech talents and our partner companies can meet! 

Other young tech workers, in the same position as you, will be attending and our thriving Ironhack community is here to welcome you and help you build your local tech talent connections. 

So, what exactly is Talenthack Berlin? 

  • A local tech talent event hosted at our Ironhack Campus Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg).

  • Hosted several times a year, for one evening we open up the campus to share drinks, snacks, and stories.

  • An opportunity to meet the current students and latest graduates + alumni

  • A chance to view talks from some tech leaders and learn from the best.

  • View profiles in Web Dev, UX/UI Design & Data Analytics

Why come to the Talenthack tech event?

The team at Ironhack loves how our values of bridging the gap between talent, technology, and community align, so we knew that hosting this tech event for our Berlin alumni would be a game-changing experience.

To give you a glimpse of how you can use the Ironhack community to help you break into tech, here are the highlights of coming to an Talenthack event.

  • Get to know the local companies that are on the hunt for tech talent in Berlin.

  • Connect to awesome companies that share your values and can help you take the next step in your tech career.

  • See how companies present themselves and get a look at what makes them special.

  • Hear talks from tech leaders at some of the most influential companies and listen as they share their wisdom.

A look back at our last Talenthack event

Talenthack Berlin has been a huge success since it started. Our alumni have used it to not only build their network and assist them in their job hunt but also to hear the stories of talented tech employees and how their journeys started.

Our last Talenthack took place at our beautiful campus in Berlin. 

Companies like Zalando, HelloFresh, REDSOFA Berlin, VISSERO, Hyve Local, GetYourGuide, and Feminutes took part and used the opportunity to get to know the latest tech talent in Berlin – people just like you.


Deborah, lead talent acquisition Manager at @ HelloFresh:
Deborah shared the story of her career change and highlighted the skills and motivations that make any Ironhacker an ideal fit for the tech industry.


“A bootcamp graduate, someone coming from Ironhack would be a great fit for a company like Hello Fresh.

Someone who decided I'm going to put something on pause or slow it down so that I  can focus on something new and really immerse myself and dedicate myself to learning.

That's exactly the kind of person that we're looking for. And I can even share. Personally, I'm pretty new to recruitment. I've actually only been a recruiter for two years. What they were thinking when they hired me, I don't know. But I spent a year as a technical recruiter and then moved into this role in January. 

If that doesn't speak to the kinds of opportunities that exist and the trust and the dedication to learning, don't know what at what I'm a recruiter, take everything I say with a grain of salt, as I'm sure you all know. But seriously, I think it's important to focus on.``

Roy, Senior Product Design Recruiter @ REDSOFA Berlin

Roy is a recruiter at REDSOFA and specializes in design. In his talk he shared how he is happy to help any Ironhacker take the leap into their first tech role.

Do you want feedback on your online portfolio? Or some insights into how to approach searching for a UX design role and what skills to highlight on your application? Then you can reach out to Roy. Get some professional insight from him on his experiences as a designer recruiter as well as insights into what he loves/hates in design portfolios.

“Calling all recent Ironhack Germany graduates! We had an absolute blast at the speaking at the TalentHack event last week -There was so much great energy in the room.

As someone who knows how scary career shifts can be, and understands the design job space well I want to try and do more helping career changers & entry level job seekers out.

I have blocked out an hour 15.00 - 16.00 every Friday to do short 15 min calls with entry level design job seekers to offer help advice and portfolio feedback. You can book a slot using this link below.”

Is your company ready to reach Berlin's tech talent? 

If you are a company that would like to be part of our next #talenthack to discover new talents, reach out to Marc Peter Dauter. Get set up at our next event and discover how Ironhack can help you reach a new generation of talent.

Ready to join?

More than 10,000 career changers and entrepreneurs launched their careers in the tech industry with Ironhack's bootcamps. Start your new career journey, and join the tech revolution!

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Ready to join?

More than 10,000 career changers and entrepreneurs launched their careers in the tech industry with Ironhack's bootcamps. Start your new career journey, and join the tech revolution!