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June 6, 2022

The FemTech Movement

Committing to a more equal tech sector

Ellen Merryweather - Senior Content Manager



It’s nothing new, Tech lacks women. The numbers speak for themselves: women represent only 16% of Tech employees and 20% of start-up founders worldwide.

There’s a pretty clear ​​gender gap across the Tech industry in Spain. According to Opinium, DigitalES & UNESCO, only 30% of ICT jobs in Spain are held by women, and 63% of Spanish women don't think tech jobs are for them. Furthermore, only 35% of women are enrolled in STEM careers, and bringing more women into the tech sector could be worth up to 26 billion euros per year to the EU's GDP as a whole.

FemTech Movement, boosted by Ironhack, aims to fight this breach, and so do I.

We are convinced that by depriving itself of female talent, the Tech sector is missing out on major technological innovations and we want to do our part.

How? We want to make a difference by inspiring more women to join Tech jobs.

Principles of The FemTech Movement Manifesto

As members of The FemTech Movement, we agreed to uphold our principles and values:

  • Standing for equal opportunities for women of all demographics and backgrounds

  • Inspiring the next generation of female tech talent

  • Supporting women re-entering the workforce or pivoting to a tech career

  • Closing knowledge gaps and lowering barriers to entry in Tech roles

  • Breaking down bias against pregnant women and mothers in the workplace

  • Encouraging learning and development to help women grow into leadership roles

  • Mentoring, career coaching, and resource sharing

How to Take Action

To get involved in the movement, you have a few options:

  1. Sign the manifesto. Use our Media Kit to share your commitment to FemTech with the world, and spread the word about the need for more women in tech! Let’s open those doors.

  2. Join our network of mentors. Take part in talks, interviews, roundtables, networking events, or workshops.

  3. Promote scholarships in your community. Let the world know about the opportunities that are out there for women wanting to land their first job in Tech, or to take their careers to the next level.

Let’s mobilize our strengths for a more inclusive Tech.

Join the movement here. #jointhefemtechmovement

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