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December 29, 2022 - 4 minutes

Campus Spotlight: Madrid

This dreamy European capital has everything you need to transform your tech career and live life to the fullest.

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer


Your dream of transforming your tech career doesn’t mean you’ll be staring at a computer screen for an endless amount of time before you finally learn the skills you need. With Ironhack, you can choose from one of our 10 campuses on 3 different continents to explore your tech future while experiencing one of the world’s best cities.

Not totally convinced? Take a look at what Madrid offers here. 

In a nutshell, Madrid has: 

  • a low crime rate

  • tasty wine and food

  • job opportunities 

  • a good work/life balance 

Why Madrid? 

Madrid is known for its vibrant life, fantastic food, and bustling streets. And that’s not all: with pleasant and sunny weather for most of the year and a mild winter, Madrid is truly an unbeatable destination. 

Madrid is made special by one specific factor: although it boasts a relaxed lifestyle that is many paces below that of New York or London, it’s full of activities and excitement. World-class museums, exhibitions, cinemas, sporting events, parks and more: Madrid has everything you could ever want. 

Here’s some key information about Madrid: 

  • Madrid’s cost of living is lower than other European cities like London, Milan, and Amsterdam. 

  • Missing the green of the suburbs? Madrid offers some of the country’s biggest and best parks. Check out Parque del Retiro, Parque del Oeste, and Casa de Campo to get some much-needed greenery. 

  • English is spoken by many Madrileños, in addition to extensive and inviting expat communities from a wide range of countries. It’s also a popular Erasmus destination, bringing in tons of international students a year.

  • Madrid experiences all four seasons of the year; it’s usually quite dry and sunny with low humidity. 

  • As the capital city, many of Spain’s (and Europe’s!) largest companies are headquartered in Madrid, providing you with ample job opportunities. 

  • Madrid’s quality of life is improved by its high-quality metro lines, bus system, commuter trains, and incredible food.

  • Its location is perfect for traveling throughout Europe and Spain itself. 

  • Spanish people are friendly, welcoming, and eager to practice Spanish with you. 

Ironhack in Madrid 

If you know Madrid is your next step or you’ve been lucky enough to call Madrid your home all your life and are looking to enjoy this bustling city while working on your professional career, it’s time to check out Ironhack in Madrid. We’re proud to promote women in STEM through our FemTech movement and offer our students an unparalleled experience.

Ironhack courses in Madrid

  • Web development: learn front and back end technologies and everything else you need to know to become a full stack web developer. 

  • Data analytics: become a data analyst through learning tools such as Python, SQL, and Tableau and learn to interpret data to make the right decisions. 

  • UX/UI design: user-centric design is key here; learn design thinking to build digital experiences created specifically for users. 

  • Cybersecurity: cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, due to their wide range of skills pertaining to protecting companies from risks and hacks. 

No matter if you choose remote, full-time, or part-time courses in Barcelona, Ironhack’s campus offers you something beyond your course; we offer events, chances to network and connect with your fellow Ironhackers, an awesome space to get your best work done, and much more. Unsure if you should take the full-time bootcamp? What about part-time? Or remote? Let’s discuss: 

  • Our full-time bootcamps are ideal for those looking to get a new job soon and can exclusively dedicate nine weeks to learning. If you want fast results, this is for you. 

  • Our part-time bootcamps are for those who can’t dedicate nine weeks to just the bootcamp; if you want to keep your job elsewhere or continue your studies in another institution, our part-time bootcamps are perfect for you. The results are the same as our full-time course, just spread out over more weeks to allow you time to handle your other commitments. 

  • Our remote bootcamps are an option for everyone, even if you’re already located near our campus. These courses offer more flexibility and start dates, in addition to language variations, to help you choose the perfect course for you. And don’t worry about missing out on our events or course help; remote students are welcome at campus any day of the week and can benefit from everything offered to in-person students. 

Our Madrid campus 

Located at the stunning Matadero in Madrid, our campus has everything you need for success. This old slaughter house is now the location of restaurants, exhibits, and theater, making it the perfect place to experience Madrid. And just below Matadero, you can find a park and river that stretches across the bottom of the city; Madrid’s sunny weather means studying outside is always an option. 

Our campus is open 6 days a week and is the perfect place to meet with your fellow Ironhackers, get some quiet studying done, and let loose on Friday afternoons with ping-pong and Ironbeers. 

Financing options in Madrid 

We know our bootcamps may not fit everyone’s budget, which is why we offer various payment plans to help make our bootcamps a reality for everyone. 

Bank financing

You should always check with your bank or your financial institution to see what options are available to you, but we have a few we’ve checked out for you: 

  • Banco Sabadell: Sabadell offers two different financing options with different interest rates for a max of €8,000 or €5,000.

  • Lending-as-a-Service platforms: Quotanda offers various and flexible loan options for students around the world, personalized to your needs. 

Income share agreements within Ironhack

  • StudentFinance: This pay-for-success financing model gives you access to education funding in exchange for a fixed percentage of your post-graduation income over a set period of time; you won’t pay anything until you land a job, and your rate will be based on what you make.

  • CHANCEN eG: CHANCEN eG covers your tuition and deposit until you have your dream job! Then, you can pay it back on an income-based repayment plan over 5 years.

Pay in installments

If you’re not looking to take out a loan but want to spread out payments over time, Ironhack offers the option to pay in installments. Depending on if you’re taking a full or part time bootcamp, your payments can be spread out over 3 or 6 months. 

Have we convinced you? Madrid can not only help you change your career path, but also take in one of the world’s best cities. Make Madrid your home and discover Ironhack Madrid today.

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