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June 19, 2024 - 7 minutes

AI in Marketing: Leveraging Data for Personalized Campaigns

You know that connecting to your users will help you market better, but how can you use AI for this?

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Artificial Intelligence

You’ve heard about tech companies leveraging AI tools for help with coding or data analysis, or even customer service representatives benefitting from using chatbot technology to help respond to user queries, but have you considered what AI could do for you in marketing? Although artificial intelligence is frequently linked to tech roles (and we understand why!), in recent months, we’ve realized just how wide its reach really is. 

Using artificial intelligence technology in marketing will help you stand apart from the competition and allow you to better understand both the market and your users, ultimately leading you to achieve better results. 

In this article, we’ll discuss AI’s role in marketing and, more specifically, how you can use data for personalized campaigns to bring new life into your marketing strategies. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Marketing, although it may be passed over on first look, is an incredibly important sector and one that has the potential to be absolutely transformative, when used correctly. And although we’re going to focus on what data can do for personalized marketing campaigns below, let’s first review some of the various applications of AI in marketing so that we fully understand just how important it is for marketers to master AI skills: 

  • Content creation: you were probably all over this one and that’s because with the rise of generative AI, which is AI tools that are capable of creating new and original content in the form of text, videos, images, or audio, marketers have become increasingly aware of the potential that AI has in the field. And although most marketers are (properly) wary of relying too heavily on AI tools, using AI for idea creation or a first draft can help spark inspiration–and save valuable time. 

  • Task automation: researching topics, sitting in meetings, and completing administrative tasks eat up a lot of the time available to marketers and significantly depletes the free time they have to actually do their jobs. With AI tools, however, these tasks can be automated, meetings can be transcribed and scheduled automatically, and research completed in a matter of seconds. 

  • Data analysis: ever wonder exactly what draws customers to your site? Or how you can better your brand loyalty? Well, thanks to AI’s ability to analyze large amounts of data, marketers can better understand exactly where customers are coming from, what competitors are doing, and the areas in which they should improve.

  • Personalized content: all users want to feel unique and in today’s ever-connected world, this can be quite difficult to achieve. But with artificial intelligence tools, companies can better market specific content to each customer, helping them feel special and suggesting products or services in which they’re actually interested.

  • Customer behavior: in many fields, AI is useful because it can analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns in trends; its skill doesn’t end there, however, and can also be useful when it comes to predicting customer behaviors and trends to ensure that the company’s marketing actions match what’s up next.

As you can see, the benefits of using artificial intelligence in marketing are quite widespread and we can only imagine that they will continue to grow over time, eventually leading us to a moment where we are more connected than ever before with our users. All of the aspects we listed will have an incredible impact, but we’re going to focus on one in particular: leveraging data for personalized campaigns. 

Using AI Data for Personalized Campaigns in Marketing

You know that data leads to better decisions and in marketing, this couldn’t be more true. The idea that one size fits all is long behind us in marketing and the more personalized we can make our campaigns, the better. 

To quickly summarize the benefits of using data for personalized campaigns in marketing, we’ve highlight three main advantages that companies that use AI data to enhance their marketing campaigns see:

  • Accurate future predictions: with data-based predictions of how the interests of your clients, their spending habits, and potential new clients will find your brand will change, you can better prepare your company for the future and capture new opportunities before the competition grabs them up. 

  • Capture new audiences: you could be missing out on an entire group of people that would be interested in your products and services and with the help of AI-analyzed data, you can identify these groups and add them to your client pool.

  • Improve client loyalty: with a better understanding of why clients check out your website, what makes them buy your products and services, and, most importantly, what makes them decide not to, you can improve your offerings and marketing campaigns to convert these clients. 

Using AI for more personalized marketing campaigns 

It’s definitely the right choice, right? We totally agree and to start incorporating AI tools into your marketing actions, follow the steps we’ve outlined below and start to see those green numbers. 

Gather information about your audience 

First things first: you need to understand your audience so that you’re better prepared to make decisions and this requires collecting data about who they are, what motivates them, and what they’ve been buying. Try to collect the following information: 

  • Website data: knowing how customers are finding your website, the amount of time they spend on each page, and how frequently they’re looking elsewhere can help you gain valuable insight on your products. 

  • Social media data: seeing what people are saying about your company and products online helps to better understand what people are looking for and where you can improve.

  • Purchase history data: analyzing purchases from specific groups of clients allows you to better personalize your marketing campaigns.

  • Survey data: there’s no better way to get information than directly from the customer themselves and by hearing directly from them about what they’re interested in, you can better target your campaigns. 

Group your audience based on shared characteristics 

Once you have the data gathered, it’s time to sort your clients into groups based on shared characteristics such as gender, age, profession, or any other patterns and trends you might see. With this information, you’ll be better prepared to tailor your marketing campaigns to smaller groups. 

Use AI to personalize the marketing experience

With both a clear understanding of your clients and the main groups you want to target, it’s time to take advantage of all AI offers to personalize the marketing experience: 

  • Predictive analysis: use past data to remind clients when they might be due for another purchase, see the time of year when they’re most likely to make a purchase, and what type of goods they’re most likely to buy.

  • Content creation: with AI-generated content, you can easily and quickly come up with customized and personalized content for email marketing campaigns, helping customers feel special and unique. 

  • Website personalization: AI tools can remember a user’s preferences and highlight specific sections in which they’re statistically likely to show more interest upon visiting your website, making their shopping experience more efficient and personalized.

  • Ad creations: based on the varying interests of your different client groups, you can create and target ads to specific groups to ensure that they’re as accurate and appealing as possible. 

There’s truly never been a more powerful time in marketing and thanks to AI, we’re able to better connect with our users than ever before. But in order to put all of what we’ve just discussed into effect, you’ll have to have a clear understanding of how these AI tools work. And that’s exactly why Ironhack created AI School by Ironhack, the first school dedicated solely to teaching techies and non-techies alike the AI skills needed to propel their careers forward. 

Make Complex Data Analysis Simple with AI, Make Compelling Visuals with AI, Master Your UI Skills as a Product Designer with AI Tools, or AI-Powered Content Creation and Storytelling are all courses that can help you take your marketing actions to the next level. 

What are you waiting for?! We’ll see you in class. 

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