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June 21, 2024 - 7 minutes

AI School: A Deep Dive into Ironhack's Curriculum

Curious as to what exactly AI School by Ironhack is here to do? Here are all the answers.

Ironhack - Changing The Future of Tech Education

Artificial Intelligence

By now you’ve probably heard the great news: Ironhack has launched AI School by Ironhack, the first school dedicated solely to teaching working professionals the artificial intelligence skills they need to advance their careers forward in this fast-moving world of tech. Why? Well, it’s quite simple: the future lies with AI. 

But even with this piece of news, you may be wondering exactly what sets AI School apart from Ironhack’s bootcamps and other courses offered; in this article, we’ll dive into Ironhack’s unique approach to teaching in-demand tech skills and offer a sneak peek into exactly what each course offers. 

Whether you’re interested in learning something completely new or bringing AI tools to your day-to-day life, AI School by Ironhack has exactly what you need. Take a minute to read through the rest of the article and ask yourself this: are you ready to bring AI to your resume? 

What is AI School by Ironhack?

Let’s get right to it: what is AI School by Ironhack? Is it just another bootcamp? The quick answer is no, it’s a shorter course designed for working professionals to take after their work day ends. And unlike our bootcamps which try to prepare you to enter the workforce in a new field, our short AI courses focus on the specific AI skills that are in demand for certain roles, helping you learn what you need to know to add them to your resume. 

What sets AI School apart from other online courses about AI? Let’s discuss:

  • Hands-on learning: forget about watching boring videos that don’t touch on the actual, practical applications of AI tools; at AI School by Ironhack, you’ll be immersed immediately in the nitty gritty of AI, giving you the tools needed to bring what you’ve learned to your job with no delay. 

  • Expert instruction: our courses are led by industry professionals who are using these very tools in their jobs, meaning what you’re leading has the potential to be immediately applied at your job. 

  • Professional-friendly schedules: we know you’re incredibly busy and that’s why our courses are held after typical work hours, letting you study without missing any work. 

And if you’re wondering how AI School differs from our traditional bootcamps, this should help clear the air:

  • AI School courses have a lower time commitment: unlike our traditional bootcamps which last 9-24 weeks, our AI short courses last between four and twelve weeks, allowing you to learn faster and bring what you’ve learned to your job in just a matter of weeks. 

  • AI School courses are designed for working professionals: instead of targeting reskillers or career changers, our AI School courses are made specifically for those who are already working in their career of choice and are looking to bring AI tools to the table.

  • AI School courses are only offered online: to best meet the needs of our target audience of working professionals, we’ve chosen to only offer remote courses so that students can learn from the location of their choice.

  • Some AI School courses may require prerequisite knowledge: our traditional bootcamps are renowned for their beginning-friendly outlook, welcoming students with or without experience in the field of choice. Some of our AI courses, however, (but not all!) require basic coding knowledge.

FAQs for AI School by Ironhack

Sounds good, right? That’s because this is an innovative course design made specifically for you. And if you have other burning questions, we’re here to answer them as well.

Who can take an AI School by Ironhack course?

Anyone! Some of our more technical courses do require some basic coding knowledge before entering the course, but the majority are designed for any sort of professional looking to harness the power of AI to work smarter, not harder. Most of our courses are geared towards specific fields, but anyone with an interest in that area is more than welcome.

If you’re not sure if you meet the requirements for a course with prerequisites, contact us and we’ll help find the right fit for you. 

What’s the time commitment for an AI School by Ironhack course?

The exact answer to this will depend on the course you choose, but each course runs between four and twelve weeks, with a five to ten hour weekly commitment. However, because we prioritize hands-on application so highly, lots of the projects can be completed on your own schedule, helping you work around your busy schedule.

Who teaches these courses? 

Great question! Part of our commitment to our students is giving them the chance to learn from the experts and that’s why our AI School courses are led by industry professionals who can provide students with unique insights that can come only from those truly in the know. 

What will I get upon completion? 

If you attend at least 80% of the classes and submit at least 80% of assignments, and demonstrate proficiency with the material, you’ll earn an Ironhack certificate to show to future employers. 

Are financing options available?

Yes! We understand that tuition costs can be a barrier for some and that’s why we’ve partnered with PayPal and Scalapay to offer flexible payment options for students: 

  • With PayPal Later, spread your payments out over 3 to 24 months to make monthly payments more manageable. 

  • Scalapay offers the option of paying over three payments with no extra costs. 

AI School by Ironhack Courses

With all your burning questions answered and a clear picture of what exactly AI School by Ironhack is, let’s dive right into the courses we offer and help you pick the best one for you. And to help you get right to where you should be, we’ve sorted the courses into their target audience.

AI courses for everyone

Looking for the perfect way to make complex data analysis simple? AI might just be the solution. With our Make Complex Data Analysis Simple with AI short course, you’ll learn the following: 

  • How to apply AI techniques to simplify preprocessing, cleaning, exploratory analysis, and hypothesis testing.

  • How to use ChatGPT to build machine learning models, conduct regression analysis, and produce clear visuals.

  • How to obtain better outcomes through the use of advanced AI techniques, learning how to spot issues and how to better solve problems.

AI courses for creators 

Ready to reveal the secret to using AI for image creation or manipulation? In just six weeks, our Make Compelling Visuals with AI course can help you bring your ideas to life: 

  • Make yourself a more attractive professional with the use of highly-demanded tools such as Midjourney, Leonardo, DALL-E, Magnific AI, and Freepik.

  • Learn how to create images for your campaigns in a few seconds.

  • Take your content creation a step further and discover how to alter and manipulate images to match your brand voice. 

If you’re a Product Designer looking for a more streamlined way to master the project workflow, our Master Your UI Skills as a Product Designer with AI Tools course may be the perfect fit:

  • Learn to create more engaging and dynamic user interfaces that will help attract even more users. 

  • Improve overall efficiency with tools like Figma and Galileo AI that will help you create custom content and automate repetitive tasks.

  • Provide increasingly personalized experiences to users with current insights that will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

AI courses for developers

If you already have some background in coding and are looking to use AI to bring those skills to the next level, learning Python with our Acquire Python Skills to Develop AI Solutions course might be perfect for you: 

  • Learn to use Python to write better code for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

  • Expand your knowledge when it comes to drawing conclusions from data to make better business decisions. 

  • Take your AI journey a step further and apply deep learning principles and neural network architecture to solve complex AI challenges.

Ready to deliver your own API prototypes to your company? With Develop AI Products by Integrating with OpenAI APIs you will: 

  • Discover how to make ChatGPT work for you to receive the best possible outcomes. 

  • Learn about text generation, classification, translation, and sentiment analysis to transform what you’re able to do with AI.

  • Deploy your own innovative and creative AI prototypes and get ready to bring what you’ve learned to your job. 

And that’s not all: we’re releasing new AI courses in the near future, so stay tuned for more and explore other courses that could be of interest to you, such as: 

We’re sure there’s something there for you and urge you to take the time to figure out the next best step for you. 

We can’t wait to see you in class.

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