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March 14, 2023 - 5 minutes

Apps to Make Your Day-to-Day Easier

We have all of these apps on our devices, but let’s take a look at which ones will make your workday go more smoothly.

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How many apps do you have on your phone? 20? 50? Maybe 100? And which ones do you actually use in your day-to-day while working in tech? You may have a lot of apps, but those that are efficient for work are where your focus should be. 

You need to employ a range of apps that support your process in the majority of tech roles, but which ones will be most helpful? Let’s take a look at some useful apps that could make your life more efficient and your workflow smoother.


If organization is a struggle for you, this app can simplify it by keeping your documents, events, notes, and other essential information in one place. Evernote is used for writing and organizing notes and has evolved over time to include a variety of important functions like syncing your files and your Google Calendar to your account, sending reminder messages for pending events, customizing templates for creating documents like to-do lists, meeting and class notes, and calendars, scanning documents, and saving websites. 

All of these features allow the user to have everything they need at their fingertips when it comes to organizing both their personal and professional life; Evernote is the best way to have everything in front of you, at the same time and in one place. 


Another app that will certainly help you with time management on any project is called Toggl. Its goals are to show you how to be more intentional with how you spend your time by allowing you to input and/or sync up your schedule, manually set a timer, and view how you allocate your time. These features help you place more awareness on your current time management skills and if you see that you do need some more support in reaching your goals, it will provide you with push reminders and show you your patterns; it can even integrate with hundreds of available online apps as an extension. This tool is a proven way to complete tasks throughout the day and to stay on task with projects.

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer not only checks out your current WiFi connection, but also extends the WiFi range. As IT professionals or students, you need to have access to the internet throughout your house and with WiFi Analyzer, you will be able to monitor the current signal. 

The app can also show you the coverage of an ample list of internet providers, which can be useful when working remotely. Wifi is an integral part of working in tech, especially for remote workers, so having this app can be a game changer. 


Have you ever left a meeting and felt like it was a waste of time? Same. Team meetings can feel like that when there isn’t as much structure in them, but Fellow can make meetings much more productive and efficient. The features of the app include collaborative agendas, real-time note taking, a myriad of templates for all types of meetings, integrations and extensions into apps like Google Meet and Zoom, feedback loops, action items, and streams. Fellow can be used to organize, support, and maximize the efficiency of any team and its functions allow a team manager to put abstract aspects of group work into words and concrete goals. If you’re working on a team, this app can be a way to truly take advantage of meetings.


If you’re a designer, there are a ton of apps out there for creating original and dynamic designs and letting your creativity flow, but Figma is one that stands out. It has a lot of fantastic tools that allow you to customize and build whatever designs you desire; when designing on Figma, you are using an app that facilitates your workflow using auto layout and integrates widgets and plugins. It also allows you to have easy and quick access to all your creations by having them on the cloud and it provides an unlimited number of invited viewers the opportunity to go into the files directly too. Another important feature that Figma offers is for programmers to show their clients the work throughout the designing process. Figma’s accessibility and ease of use makes it one of the best design apps for any web developer.


For techies, smart code editor PhpStorm is key: it doesn’t just read code, it understands it. Because it understands the text that you’ve inputted, it also provides assistance with in the moment error prevention and zero configuration debugging, as well as best autocompletion and code refactoring. In addition, it boasts extended HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing capabilities that support the programmer when writing code. Although the app is not free, the price is very reasonable given how useful it is and the app decreases in price after each year of use for the first three years. PhpStorm makes it much easier to program and is a must-have app for professionals writing code.

These apps are just a few of the most important ones for anyone who is working in IT. An infinite number of apps beyond the ones mentioned here can support you in completing your work and by working as a programmer, you can both design and develop these and other apps that make life easier for everyone. 

Fortunately, programmers have many more opportunities than just creating apps at their disposal; they also write code for software and web pages. Check out some software and tech tools that web developers use and actually created themselves.

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