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March 21, 2023 - 5 minutes

Campus Spotlight: Amsterdam

Discover our unique learning experience in Amsterdam. 

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer


The Dutch tech industry has been steadily growing in recent years and Amsterdam is at the forefront of this expansion. In this blog post, we will explore the Dutch tech industry and why Amsterdam is an attractive location for those looking to work in tech.

Why Amsterdam? 

The Dutch tech industry has been experiencing impressive growth over the past few years, with an estimated 19,000 tech startups in the country as of 2021. The tech sector has become a major contributor to the Dutch economy and the industry is estimated to generate over 65 billion euros in revenue annually.

One of the key strengths of the Dutch tech industry is its focus on innovation and creativity. The country has a strong culture of collaboration and experimentation, which has helped to foster a thriving startup ecosystem. Additionally, the Dutch government has been supportive of the tech industry, offering tax incentives and funding for startups and innovation projects.

The Dutch tech industry is also known for its strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Many tech companies in the Netherlands have made a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting ethical business practices.

Why work in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and serves as the country's economic and cultural hub. It is also a major player in the tech industry, with a thriving startup scene and a number of well-established tech companies.

One of the main advantages of working in Amsterdam is the city's highly educated workforce. The Netherlands has one of the highest rates of tertiary education in the world, with over 50% of the population holding a bachelor's or master's degree. This highly skilled workforce is a major asset to the Dutch tech industry and many tech companies have set up shop in Amsterdam to take advantage of this talent pool. The city is also known for its vibrant cultural scene and its diverse and international population, which has helped to create a supportive environment for innovation and experimentation.

Amsterdam is also home to a number of well-established tech companies, such as, Miro, Tesla, and Adyen. These companies offer exciting opportunities for career growth and development and working for a well-established company can be a great way to gain valuable experience in the tech industry.

Additionally, Amsterdam hosts several international tech conferences and events, such as the Web Summit and the TNW Conference, which provide great networking opportunities for those in the tech industry.

One of the main draws of working in Amsterdam is the city's high quality of life. The city is known for its work-life balance, with many companies offering flexible work arrangements and benefits such as unlimited vacation time. Additionally, Amsterdam has excellent public transportation, a vibrant cultural scene, and a diverse and international population, which can make it an exciting and fulfilling place to live and work.

Ironhack in Amsterdam 

We started a new concept for Amsterdam and the Netherlands with the introduction of a flexible way of learning with an international appeal. You can enjoy the benefits of studying from wherever you are while being part of an international cohort of students, joining our local team for networking events as well as additional support. Our hub in the A’DAM Toren is the perfect place to meet with fellow bootcampers, receive help and benefit from an in-person community. 

If you’re in Amsterdam, you can be part of our active community. If you’re somewhere else, you can visit the city for special events and join our alumni network.

Ironhack courses in Amsterdam

Each of these courses offers a specific advantage in Amsterdam:

  • Web development: learn front and back end technologies and everything else you need to know to become a full stack web developer. 

  • Find supportive developer communities, leading, local tech companies, rapid career growth, high demand for developers and a mature tech scene.

  • Data analytics: become a data analyst through learning tools such as Python, SQL, and Tableau and learn to interpret data to make the right decisions. 

  • Enjoy a supportive environment for data professionals, a wide range of available roles, significant investment in research and development, and an urgent need for data professionals. 

  • UX/UI design: user-centric design is key here; learn design thinking to build digital experiences created specifically for users. 

  • Amsterdam boasts a bustling UX/UI community with frequent meetups and conferences, a strong job market with attractive salaries and an impressive startup scene.

  • Cybersecurity: cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, due to their wide range of skills pertaining to protecting companies from risks and hacks. 

  • Find yourself in a growing field with a wide range of career paths, a city in need of cybersecurity professionals and an expanding community in cybersecurity. 

Financing options in Amsterdam 

STAP budget

  • Eligible students can get up to €1,000 in STAP funding to upskill themselves in Web Development, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Cybersecurity and Web3 funded by the UWV (Dutch Employment agency).

Regionale mobiliteitsteams (RMT’s)

  • These RMTs are an initiative of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Employment and Education, Culture and Science, various municipalities, the UWV, the SBB, the MBO Council, trade unions and employer organizations. Eligible applicants can apply for up to a €5000 subsidy to cover the costs of an Ironhack course.


  • TechMeUp offers talented students a financial peace of mind by providing them financial assistance. 

  • They do this by issuing interest-free loans from €2,500, €5,000 and €7,500, intended for training fees and/or living allowance.

  • Students will pay the money back once they find a job, meaning that you indirectly pay for the next participant’s training money and/or living allowance.


  • In partnership with Pledg, our students can pay in 3, 6, or 10 monthly installments, whether it is for our full-time or part-time bootcamps. 


  • Finance is available for 100% of your course fee and loans are extended for up to 72 months. For €1,000, your monthly payment is some €16.50, which includes an average interest of approx. €2.60. Penalty-free early repayment is always possible.

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