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October 14, 2021

How to make a career change?

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The COVID pandemic created a huge shift in the way we work. At the same time, it gave us all the chance to slow down and think about our day-to-day lives. As a result, many employees began to question their career path and truly consider what it is they want from a job. As we begin to emerge from the crisis, a lot of people are now pivoting to new careers and seeking new jobs. Whether it's the need for a new challenge or the desire to do something more fulfilling, there has never been a better time to change direction.

Factors such as flexible working times, earning potential, responsibility, and the possibility for further career development all play a part in deciding to switch careers. Likewise, the decision to freelance, start your own company or 'be your own boss' may play a role.

Changing to a new career

Wondering how to make a career change? There is not one 'correct' way to make a career change. Your career pivot depends on your current job status, the industry you currently work in, your level of expertise, and the job you would like to switch to. Some people may wish to make a slight career change and move in a direction that is still connected with their current role. Others may want a completely fresh start in a completely different area.

Jobs in Tech

One industry that is expanding rapidly and truly has a lot to offer is the tech industry. Excellent earning potential, superb benefits, interesting tasks and a dynamic, vibrant working environment make jobs in technology extremely attractive to candidates. Throw in the high possibility for career progression and it's not surprising that so many people are now pivoting to jobs within IT.

The sheer variety of roles within tech plus the flexibility to work with a vast array of companies around the globe also make IT attractive for many entrepreneurs and college graduates. Likewise, those with experience in other areas are transitioning to jobs in tech. There is also a strong demand for talent in this growing field and it is a solid area in which to build a long-term career.

4 tips to make a career change

If you are considering a career change to IT, the following tips may help point you in the right direction:

1. Research the roles that are available

There are many different types of roles within the tech industry. Technical positions include frontend and backend web developers, data analysts and cybersecurity experts. The more creative roles include UX and UI designers. Soft skills such as problem-solving, strong organizational skills, time management and project management skills are all invaluable for roles in tech - be sure to highlight them on your CV if they are part of your experience up to now.

2. Check the companies and jobs available to you

If you live in a big city, there's a good chance there are many companies - large and small - looking to hire for various jobs in tech. A start-up will have a very different vibe to a long-established company, which is worth taking into consideration before embarking on a job hunt. Alternatively, remote work or freelance work are options for those working in this field.

If you wish to become your own boss and freelance, many tech roles offer the possibility to do so. This brings huge benefits for those who enjoy working independently. For instance, you can select which clients you work with and the projects you take on and choose your own hours. Working from home or from anywhere in the world is also a nice perk that comes with working for yourself.

3. Consider training if needed

It may be the case that some education or training would help kickstart your career change. And it doesn't have to be a 3-year college degree. A Bootcamp or intensive short course can provide the skills needed to get started in data analytics, web development, ux design or cybersecurity, for example. Once you have mastered the basics, you just need to put your skills into practice and build experience.

The courses offered by Ironhack are accessible and comprehensive. They provide the essential skills needed to launch a career in areas such as data analytics, cybersecurity and web development. Using a combination of theoretical study and practical skills application, they prepare you for real-world tasks and offer a solid grounding in IT know-how.

4. Gain experience

The tech industry is extremely fast-moving and you will likely have the chance to progress quickly in your career, even within your first year of working. Experience is crucial when it comes to IT. Once you have acquired the basics, it's a case of building experience and learning by doing.

Further Career Development

There is a broad selection of roles available within tech, as well as a strong opportunity to develop a career over many years. With technical and creative jobs available, as well as many positions that require leadership or project management skills, it is not surprising that IT attracts candidates with a view to long-term career development.

Lastly, remember that it is possible to put IT skills to use in many different areas. Whether it's retail, finance, communications or non-profit, almost every company nowadays has an online presence and needs a digital team working with them. IT is a flexible, versatile industry to work in and one that is highly rewarding. The growing demand for IT professionals means that those with tech skills are extremely employable, and will be for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about our courses and how we can help you jumpstart a career in tech, feel free to contact us and schedule a quick chat with one of our learning advisors

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