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November 14, 2023 - 7 minutes

Learn DevOps and Cloud Computing with Ironhack’s New Bootcamp

Join the DevOps revolution and launch your tech career!

Ellen Merryweather - Senior Content Manager

DevOps & Cloud

We’ve always got our fingers on the pulse of the tech industry, paying close attention to the roles companies are struggling to fill and the skills needed by tomorrow’s aspiring tech professionals.

DevOps and Cloud Computing aren’t exactly new. What is new is the dramatic rise in companies adopting a DevOps mindset, running their operations in the cloud, and crying out for professionals to help them do all of that at scale.

That’s why we’re bringing you an all-new DevOps and Cloud Computing Bootcamp!

In just 9 weeks you can learn the skills you need to launch your tech career with DevOps and Cloud. Fill your portfolio with projects that recruiters will love, and get the career support you need to join one of tech’s fastest growing niches.

Why Learn DevOps and Cloud Computing?

The DevOps revolution has truly begun, with a drastic increase in the number of organizations adopting a DevOps culture. This means jobs, jobs, and more jobs!

According to GitLab's 2023 Global DevSecOps Survey, 56% of organizations in 2023 are using DevOps or DevSecOps methodologies globally, up from 47% in 2022. Cloud is also on many company’s minds, with 71% running a quarter or more of their applications in the cloud.

The number of roles for professionals with these skills are growing faster than the talent pool can rise to meet the demand, and we don’t see that trend going anywhere fast. Future proof your skill set, and get ready for a world of opportunities.

The DevOps and Cloud career path

Entry level roles include Cloud Developer and Cloud Support Associate. As you grow in your career, you could land a job as a DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, DevSecOps/Cloud Security Engineer, or System/Network Engineer.

These roles can be found everywhere from startups to Fortune 500 companies, who are all adopting DevOps at record speed due to changing business models and increased competition. You can also find opportunities at cloud service providers, like Amazon Web Services, and cloud computing platforms like Cisco Meraki and Oracle.

With this skill set you could find yourself working in practically any industry, and blending your passions with your career. Start working in retail, FinTech, telecommunications, entertainment, MedTech, and many others.

What’s in the Bootcamp?

The Ironhack DevOps and Cloud Computing Bootcamp is an immersive experience. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Duration: 9 weeks

Location: Remote

Format: Live online classes, hands-on collaborative projects, and asynchronous individual learning

Price: €8,000 €6,800*

*As one of our DevOps and Cloud Computing Bootcamp early-adopters, you’ll save 15% off tuition fees.

Made for beginners

If this is your first foray into tech, don’t panic! Our bootcamps are designed with beginners in mind.

You’ll have access to online prework before the bootcamp starts, which will give you fundamental training in core skills such as Linux & scripting, networks, Python, and Git. The prework ensures that everyone, regardless of their background, is able to hit the ground running and succeed.

The DevOps and Cloud Computing skills companies are looking for

In 9 weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to kickstart your career in DevOps. Our comprehensive curriculum covers:

  • Distributed systems design and monitoring

  • Distributed cloud systems

  • Docker containers

  • Managing containerized applications

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Kubernetes and scaling deployments

Career Services

Our approach focuses on not just landing you a job, but finding a job that's aligned with your long-term goals. With our Career Services, you’ll gain a better understanding of the tech job market, get resume, portfolio, and pitch support, and personalized guidance with your Career Coach.

Financing options

We’re proud to offer a variety of financing options to help you fund your education, including payment plans, loans, and bursaries. Money should never be a blocker to education. If you’ve got the will and the drive, we can help you find the means.

On average, 70% of our students use financing options to help pay for their bootcamp, so you’re in good company! Speak to your Admissions Advisor to see which is best for you, depending on your eligibility and location.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in starting your AI journey with us, check out our DevOps and Cloud Computing Bootcamp.

If that’s not quite what you’re looking for, we’re also launching new courses in:

We’ll see you in class!

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