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  • Ironhack News

    What Makes an Ironhacker

    Frida Chacin Kulak - 2022-07-28



    The Ironhack community includes everyone who enrolls in our bootcamps, as well as everyone who has already graduated from them– our Ironhack alumni! It also includes our awesome teachers and TAs (because what’s a school without teachers?), our on-campus staff and, of course, Team Ironhack! (Like the people writing this article… hi there!)

  • How To Pivot To A New Career (And Get Into Tech!)

    Frida Chacin Kulak - 2022-08-05


    Todos os cursos

    Have you been thinking about switching careers? You wouldn’t be the first: about half of the workforce is considering a job change, and 20% have already taken the leap in 2022, joining professional fields with growing demand, such as Tech. They call it the Great Reshuffle for a reason: even in the most unpredictable of times, workers have raised their standards and aren’t afraid to go for it, because pivoting careers might not be as difficult as you think.